Magic Mushroom Grow Kit Pinning after 9 days!!

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In this video I show my Magic Mushroom Grow Kit. Featuring Psilcybe Cubensis Gold Caps. I purchased the Grow kit from a completely legal website linked below.
After receiving the kit in the mail I began work right away. I boiled the burlap sack of hay. Mixed it in with the mycellium and waited 12 days as it grew in the dark. 12 days later and completely grown through I Added my dirt substrate and starter casing and then let it sit for 5 days in the dark. The 6th day. September 1 I gave it the first 12 hours of light from my 24w grow light and after 12 hours on 12 hours off for 9 days. Thess were my results. Excited to see how they grow and I will post another update in a couple days.


J says:

Too much light dude. Raise the light 2 foot

Pat says:

Hey just wondering how your flush went? Im wanting to order from this site and try it out

DrGonzo says:

Have grown a few kits from these suppliers and I have had a great experience and results.

GlockCee says:

I ordered from these guys too, on onto the fruiting stage. I'm about a week in and the casing soil is definitely being colonized, but no pinning yet

Edit: there's one mushroom growing in the corner off the plastic (not even on the soil) but other than that, nothing yet.

Edit again(2weeks later): idk the shrooms are growing but only a few(9) around the edge, they're getting to be full sized and there's absolutely nothing in the middle

NordeggSonya says:

I bought the mini kit and it arrived. I have a few things to do but I will hopefully report back with success

Thomas Mcdougall says:

Ohhh errr ohhhh errr um the mycelium ohmmm emmm errrr ermm

TourOfMyLife says:

Ive bought two of these kits so far. Same thing happened both times its pins i’ll get about one gram then it stops growing and it lays dormant.

pokedude104 says:

so did It work or not, you're the only video about this sites products at all, and I don't trust them to be not filtering the reviews on their site

Tim Stricklin says:

Where can some one purchase spores

Rey Laferriere says:

Wow, It's been 2 months since I added the casing soil and I have no pinning at all. Nothing nada. I did everything as directed, temperature perfect , humidity perfect. Disappointed

Dan Rossi says:

I'm assuming this kit failed. No follow – up, even in comments.

DocSaucy says:

Hey hey!….I lost the instructions that came with my Mega Grow. I was trying to read it off this video. Im about to case……anyway you could hook me up with a pic of the casing instructions?

Michael Macumber says:

hey man good to see another person buying from these guys i just bought a mega mini kit still waiting for it too be shipped im so pumped

Fails Only says:

Would love to see an update vid

Tacc says:

Plz make an update my mini kit is coming soon and would love to see your progress I need as much info as possible

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