3.5g APE Magic Mushroom Trip Report | Mushrooms In The Mail

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In this livestream we are going to discuss what happened after I ate 3.5g of Albino Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms!


Truth Perfected says:

your ego has gone through the roof

Leon Loïc says:

I thought I was the only one in the world completely losing track of my conversation Just when I was hyper focused while explaining something with lot of clarity 😉

thesmileyone X says:

I'm sat here having never done psychedelics, just thousands of hours of meditation and getting glimpses of what mushrooms reveal to people. It's mushroom season here but I have looked 5x and found nothing :/

OA says:

East Forest has a 5 hour long album … "Music for Mushrooms: A Soundtrack for the Psychedelic Practitioner".

Joseph Bellemare says:

I suggest that the company you bought those from Supply eco-friendly packaging. Since these are from the Earth let's keep it that way. Other than that… Love these videos!!!

Jacob Cottrell says:

SMART idea getting familiar with the warmth of psilocybin before jumping to deem. It's a mental fuck you dont need rn

Jacob Cottrell says:

This is the healing powers of potent mushrooms. They bring all your problems to the surface and force you to face them. They make you question everything. I'm happy you had this experience bro. Take time off macro doses and prepare for your next large dose mentally. In my opinion, you messed up when you went for the lemon tek. Ape is so strong you really shouldn't take something to make it more intense lol. Best wishes with integration brother!

Danz VG says:

Dude im so confused are you from london or canada? Every vid you say either london or canada haha

Thomas Eidstø says:

Magic mushrooms is a tool to raise your own vibrations and frequensy so you Can talk to god. It wil show you blue print of hidden technology free energy levitation music healing and so on and i use different tuning forks frequensy to change the blue print pages its amazing but dont go near wireless wifi when you are high dose magic mushrooms its a trap for People ho discover the technology and it wil sterilize you.

Thomas Eidstø says:

I have golden teacher liquid culture if enyone wanne buy contact me at thomas605.te@gmail.com

Squirrel Boy says:

Terrence McKenna once said something like “the only evil that associates itself with mushrooms is taking too little.” Maybe this trip can relate to that a bit.

Evelyne Depoorter says:

Ooh i want them in my house,…heeeelllpppp

Evelyne Depoorter says:

Nice,… I wanted to order but not for where i live.

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