MAGIC MUSHROOM LOOKALIKES Growing in Your Neighbourhood (DO NOT EAT)

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To the curious youngster, a lot of common mushrooms look like “gold tops” or “blue meanies.” Education saves lives. Please share.
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I noticed that many mycology enthusiasts (mushroom pickers) tend to forget that most people don’t possess their knowledge. What appears so simple in one part of the world might be deadly dangerous somewhere else and YouTube is an international platform. I think it’s very important that people fully understand the risks involved when it comes to identifying any kind of mushrooms.


Picking wild magic mushrooms – everything you ever wanted to know about psilocybin:

Managing drug induced psychosis with a genetic predisposition to schizophrenia without medication:

Volunteering in Thailand at an Elephant and Wildlife rescue and education center:

Aboriginal knowledge meets modern psychology – a totally different perspective:

Exploring Australia with Jarrad Wright (Big Lez) + Your Mate Tom + Vishuddha Das (Koi Fresco) + Matias Lemaitre:


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Ky Lives says:

We're looking at some mushrooms that grow all around us that youngsters would definitely come into contact with. The slang terms for the 100+ different varieties of magic mushrooms can be a bit misleading. If you go out looking for "gold tops" 99.99% of what you find will not be magic and some will be DEADLY. This is really important. If we teach at least 1 in 5 kids what to look for that'll dramatically reduce the risks of the coming wave of psychedelic exploration. Whether you're for and against psilocybin, it's time to prepare and educate yourself. They are so effective in treating depression, anxiety and addiction that they are going to breakthrough into the mainstream very soon. Mush love everyone. Stay safe and enjoy your journeys!

Rain Bitcoins says:

Thx for the knowledge

Jesus Christ says:

I’ve picked the wrong ones many times, thanks!

TopCommentOfTheMonth says:

you CAN eat those orange ones in the beginning of your vid BUT you'd have to eat a LOT of them to get anything and like you said, they're rotten.

Cassandra Munguia says:

We got them and thank you

DirtyBluesStank says:

Thanks dude. Your doing God's work

Shift Lizard says:

Oh look, that hippie kid is here again picking mushrooms. – People at that park

Elliot Gates says:

I don't know what it is, but as a person from england I've always found the aussie/new zealand kind of accent really almost meditative. maybe it's just because I started watching the big lez show at 15 or something n now I'm 19 idk

matt H says:

I live in NSW and have a park forest close to me, when it starts to rain do you reckon some mushrooms would start growing? Thanks.

JustLiv says:

I found the Amanita Muscaria and just picked the mushrooms around it and they turned out to be Psilocybe Cyanescens! So magic mushrooms found me lol

Dimbox says:

ky do you live in Victoria or Queensland?

bder says:

Do a vid on amanita muscaria, would love to know your thoughts

Temha says:

ive looked around in gardens and horse paddocks and havent managed to find any gold tops (Brisbane here). u reckon going to a forest (safely) and spending a couple of hours searching would be my best bet? Also, ive heard that going out 24-48 hours after heavy rain in summer is the best time to find them, is that true?

Pubic Hair says:

Spring rain here in Brisbane. Mushrooms are sprouting up everywhere it’s very beautiful

Preston Rutherford says:

So good man, harm reduction is so important it's crazy how undiscussed the topic is

Jack Freeman says:

Hey ky I live on the mid North coast of NSW about 3 hours north of Sydney, we get heaps of cubes and pan cyans but I've never bothered looking for subs in winter. Do you think it would be worth a crack? I'll probably give it a go anyway but would like your thoughts. Mostly built up gardens in bigger parks or pine forests.

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