How to grow "Magic Mushrooms" 2 weeks after inoculation

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What’s up all you growers and smokers today we see a update on Our magic mushrooms


Steven Leos says:

idk. idk why you have the bag on the jars? idk bro. they need air. put a filter and you be good. lol. and bro clean your room. lmao. your room dirty. weed and shit next to it. odors. you need to separate em now. be clean and go by the rules and you will be fine. idk why you adding baggies and shit

Xj18A says:

I never get high. I grow so many mushrooms. Dry them out. But every time I smoke them nothing happens.

Stoned and Steady says:

Not to sure abouts thems! I only smoke these days…

neon skull says:

Bro hit me up when you do get some me and rj what to try them cu when they get done if if you do it again

Organic CannabisGrows says:

Woooo love it man

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