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today while walking the lawn I came across some mushrooms in my yard! it’s actually a good sign. all it means is that there’s organic material in your soil, and it’s happy. just pick them gently, and throw away. they are poisonous, so please don’t eat them! also, wash your hands afterwards!


Hugh Tahoob says:

Someone picked one I had in my lawn no joke
Like seriously was he gonna get high? Lol

Djehuti Ausar Ra says:

So what's the best seed for VA?

gibbyair1 says:

You did a great job on the video, i thought it was hilarious

Brian Schmitz says:

That was pretty funny! Unfortunately, I had the same thing last year after a ton of fungus issues in general, so I don't know if that's a great sign, as I would think you are only a few days or so before a fungus issue is among us.. Ah…. I hate fungus!!!

Mojo says:

I have so many it is ridiculous. I'm not trying to get rid of them though, because they are almost all attached to the stumps from when I got my property cleared (they only ground the stumps level, not quite below surface). I plan to let them keep feasting until the wood is soft enough for my to chop out with my mattock.

Picture Perfect Lawn Maintenance says:

Decomposing matter. Great problem to have kick them over and enjoy the free organic matter.

The Lawn Mower says:

Allman Brothers and some black lights next time.

Castleberry says:

I was a bit worried about you pal! Glad all is well haha

Yard Geeks says:

Haha awesome.. thanks for the morning laugh.

Jeff Poplin says:

There's a fungus among us – AND a comedian! Funny stuff, man.

Mike Morris says:

Grow me some

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