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Growing Magic Mushrooms | Which Method Is Best For Your Lifestyle?

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In this video I speak from my experience growing Psilocybe Cubensis for several years and compare 3 different methods that I have done: Pf Tek, Monotub, and All-in-one growbags. I discuss which method I currently use and why. I hope this video can provide a brief introduction to several paths one can take to grow magic mushrooms.

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benjo is cool says:

Subscribe to him please

tyler david says:

could you link where you can get all the materials necessary?


and also keep liking people's comments like u do it now,this will make u feel gud and also to make people happy and converse with u quite often


Stay awesome,love ur vids, r u a biologist?a chemist? a scientist?
I luv ur expressions,they're real and not so fake,cringy and vey bad like the others.
you're Chill Man!

Chris R says:

this was yesterday i subbed but i am so proud to be your 420th subscriber.

Monica Kretschmer says:

This was awesome!! Thank you so much. Where can we purchase the bags like that?


Success leaves tracks. Thank you Holmes.

TheReal Tropics says:

i’m sorry, where tf are your subs and views, my guy you deserve loads more!

Yeetith Sir Fetus says:

I’m just starting to use psychedelic substances like LSD and DMT and such for personal growth uses over having fun uses and your channel really does seem interesting because I’m a recovering addict (I know psychs are drugs technically but not the same as xans and amphetamines and painkillers and such) and a lot of your videos give a very good insight and stuff like that, all in all, you’re channel is really really chill and amazing and you deserve more attention

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