Introduction to growing "Magic Mushrooms" Day 1 After inoculation

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What’s up all you growers and smokers today we grow some srooms! Just testing to see if you guys are intrested in this grow


Scott Hicks says:

If it took 12 days to turn the jars white and then there shaken how long will it take before they turn white again?

Thomas Eidstø says:

Go for it magic mushrooms is the New cannabis 🙂

Ajith Pillai says:

Please make a series

Magdalene Kelly says:

Nice video to watch

Jossy Jepp says:

I have learn a lot here

Bryan Jones says:

really cool video!

Bob Swanson says:

City of Oakland Decriminalized Medicinal Entheogenic Plants

Organic CannabisGrows says:

Omggggg this is hella cool! I've always wanted to do this myself! You need to do a full tutorial on inoculation ik you need a pressure cooker and shit but really would be cool to see

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