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How to grow "Magic Mushrooms" 3 Days after Inoculation

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What site do you use to get your spores? I actually have a site but I’m trying to find a better site cause I’m currently sitting on some inoculating b+ shrooms right now and nothing seems to be happening

Soluna668 says:

We're all here to help each other out, and I wasn't trying to bust your chops. But bacteria and mold spores float through the air, purifier or not. Most instructions that I've read say no air motion, and better, in a glove box if you have to open them at all. But you can use tape to reseal the hole made. And as far as the needle being long enough, the water will carry the spores down the inside of the glass to the bottom. Looking forward to see how this turns out. Some say I read too much, I think that gelling the truth from several sources is time consuming but effective. Peace growbro!

Canal City Constrictors says:

how long is the full grow process ? Thanks homie

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