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Inoculation | How To Grow Mushrooms | Part 2

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Part 1 – Preparing and Sterilizing Your Spawn
Part 2 – Inoculation
Part 3 – The Shake
Part 4 – Preparing Bulk Substrate
Part 5 – Mixing Spawn to Bulk Substrate
Part 6 – How to Make a Mushroom Terrarium for Fruiting

Only legal mushrooms are grown on this channel.


Wild Satori Forest says:

Everyone tag me in your pics on Instagram @wild_satori_forest ! Very interested in seeing your results!!

Coach Ron Helping To Heal says:

Is rubbing alcohol preferable to hydrogen peroxide? If so, why?

K. Carlos says:

Love your channel!

Melvin Hernandez says:

can the popcorn still be wet/ can there still be water in there when inoculating

myDClife says:

Video so helpful

googeliswiththegreys says:

yea i watched the whole thing and no venting? thumb down

grim789 says:

Could you do a video on how to make the lids?

grim789 says:

Are the yellow pieces for air exchange? And do you add anything else into them or just as is? Super happy I found these videos thanks so much!

Bubba Smith and his experience says:

I rather enjoyed this content.

vaughn rasmussen says:

i'm gonna buy your jars on etsy but I have no idea where to get spores and what ones to get? Do you know a good place to buy spores before I buy the jars.

Soubhaan Masood says:

Are you inoculating these out in the open? Is this because the chances of contamination are very small because of the self healing port?

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