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How to grow "Magic Mushrooms" 3 weeks after inoculation

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What’s up all you growers and smokers today we see week 3 of our magic mushroom grow


Sarkar Productions says:

and plz continue posting videos on tips on home grown psy mushrooms

Sarkar Productions says:

hey… pretty interesting things u trying to do on… thanks for sharing… i think i'm gonna try this too

Soluna668 says:

Looks healthy! I did some earlier this year and only got 4 gms… I think I prefer dmt. Wild stuff bro. Need an update bro, did it go ok. Or did it take forever like mine did? Or did it get contaminated?

Stone Bone says:

Do more shroom videos, bro! Only buy your spores through http://www.mushrooms.com
Just type "psilocybin" in the search box.
They are alittle pricey but you get what you pay for! Trust me! The syringes are LOADED AND CHUNKY with spores! Try em, you wont be dissapointed, and fast shipping too!

H W says:

Easy breezy?
Beautiful, Cover Girl?

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