High Dose Psilocybin Vs DMT + Strongest Species of Magic Mushrooms?

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SonicRising says:

Psilocybin also makes certain insects feel full so they stop eating them.

MikiDeKulsky says:

Oh I had these muscle Problems from weed as well. I was drinking 1g hash it was so crazy i never belived that you can get a trip with weed.


Look. At. Mushroomexpert.com. first


What a dirty lieiing assfukkinhole


So. People. !!!!!!!DOOO NOTTT BELIEVVVVVE. HIMMMMM, H. …OKAY!!/-,x!please =for your own good ,not every bleu mush fukkin room #=bleu of psylocibin etc.


Yu want me to post yu link


Want proof/!????????"







MEN 101 says:

Subs grow in Victoria around late May and throughout June. Don’t ask how I know. I’ve taken 13 grams dry of these mushrooms, the stuff I saw…

Komen Cents says:

I need to you 2 to link up with me… If you will

Primoral says:

Just came off the cool down of my first mushroom trip. Have to say I’m not disappointed. I feel like I have acquired much knowledge but I don’t know how to express it. One thing I do note is I now feel much more empathy. I recommend anyone on the fence about trying just go for it.

edsgsg gsg says:

wow just 2 dislike

skin dog says:

Wens sassy the Sasquatch show coming out

Soorena TV Sedighi says:

Tom, I'd love to colloborate with you. Want to fly over to Netherlands? 😉

anonymousishhh says:

I love the recommendation to start at 9g fresh/1g dry. Start low, go slow. My own initiation into the psilocybin realm was with 30g fresh subaeruginosa, picked the day before, lemon tekked & split between myself and my partner. It was "way too much" – we survived and had an amazing time – no regrets. My next experience was when some friends wanted to try them. What a fukn disaster!!!

I made the mistake of giving them each around 3g dry – thinking that would be a small dose for these big boys with even bigger egos & bravado. They had wanted to do more…like, muuuuch more…zero experience with (and even less knowledge on) psychedelics. Us girls had a lovely chill time, whilst the boys freaked out and went to hell and back. One nearly leapt off the apartment balcony and had to be pinned down for nearly an hour while he sobbed and screamed. The other tried to flee from the scene several times and we had to tackle him in the stairwell, talk him into coming back to the apartment and confiscate his car keys.

From my own first experience, I thought the worst that could happen would be getting stuck in a loop and being frustrated by the never-ending feel of it….how wrong I was! NEVER again will I take responsibility for dosing and trip-sitting anyone other than my partner and myself. And anytime I provide shrooms for friends I caution them to start low – using the near suicide attempts of those boys as a cautionary tale. Never let anyone convince you that they "can handle more", or reason that they're a "seasoned druggie" because they've used mdma and coke a bunch of times. Sorry for the long comment…thanks for reading this far.

Soorena TV Sedighi says:

I'm slowly & systematically building up to finding the ceiling dose…

carson mayo says:

I've done psychedelics a lot. LSD, psilocybin even DMT. I've never had a bad trip and I'm kinda nervous that one will just hit me out of nowhere when I'm not expecting it.

kingdogkong streemz t says:

dmt is way stronger and 5meo dmt is 10x dmt and the enzyme that break it down is MAO lol MaOi is the one that makes it slow the MaO down to make the effects longer you have been educated

namn200 says:

GREAT VIDEO this is the stuff ive been wished to watch for so long. I love mushroom hunting videos and listening about knowlagable people talking and teaching about different species, their geography, habitat and wheater they are high or low in psilocybin concentration. Mushroom are probably one of the strangest and holy- est and spiritual organisms, so strange and infinatly power. They command total respect and reverance

Marta Avlas says:

The mushroom chooses your dose. Lmfao I love that.

Danielle Anderson says:

I love all your videos! Does your girlfriend also have a channel?

lone wanderer says:

The mushroom does indeed choose your dose. I took a bunch of semilanceata a few hours ago, nothing, but I've heard of others having a full blown trip from the same amount.

EmperorYoshi says:

No offense mate but your theory there about psilocybin being in a mushroom to "frazzle the brain of a predator" sounds like shit to me. Psilocybin is known to stimulate growth of new brain cells and create more connections in the brain and also the fact that we can have amazing experiences connecting us more to ourselves and to nature (in most cases of course), look closely and you'll see that there is more than meets the eye in everything.

Landon I. says:

Absolutely intriguing as usual, keep it up Tom !

Kieran says:

You guys in the Blue Mountains?? lol

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