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Take a journey with Angie X as we delve deep into a very taboo topic in the African-American community…Psilocybin…The key to unlocking our psychological and spiritual freedom. We briefly discuss it’s history, benefits, dosages and how to achieve the highest benefits from it. After all why in the hell is it so magical?


Kstanlord says:

Change your victim status to. A God status !

ImmortalCosmic Kqween says:

i loveeeeeee this video. thank you Sis-star, I feel like spirit is leading me to go on a trip to heal and tap into myself on so many levels. I am ready . Thank you 🙂

Adijja Johnson says:

Just call yourself Madussa. She (the entity) was black

92 Limitz says:

I love shrooms

MR Savage says:

Also guys hear what she is saying you tap into your spiritual essence and if you been lost there are things that will see you tap in be aware and know it's not allways nice experiences ying yang it just is 3 days of taking mushrooms got me off drugs spiritual I was born again no religion needed

MR Savage says:

We take them but it's not for all of us like neo was told not everyone is ready to leave the matrix mushroom are everywhere but nowhere if you need to find them they will find you

life no. 9 says:

Ok so a few things:

1. The intro song is one of my favorite songs to meditate to on repeat.

2. I love your locs.

3. The way you explain everything is so refreshing and honest and informative.

4. I’ve been researching mushrooms and other psychedelics for years now. I’ve only ever used cannabis for a psychedelic experience, but now I’m wanting to try psilocybin for a release of fears and healing from trauma & death of family members. As a creative I’ve been feeling blocked and I’m wanting to release these blockages so I can move forward with a clear mind & heart.

Bob Swanson says:

City of Oakland Decriminalized Medicinal Entheogenic Plants https://youtu.be/BHd1cLDKaa4

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