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From Spore to Spawn! An Epic Mushroom Journey!! How to grow a lifetime supply of mushrooms.

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This video takes you from starting with a single spore syringe, and multiplying that 1 syringe into 10, then using those new syringes to inoculate 5 PastyPlates, 2 big BRF cakes/jars and huge BRF cake in a tub!!
This is simple table top science that anyone can do!

-Make sure to watch it to the very end for the bonus footage…


Against the Modern World says:

I'm being spammed HERE by some BULLSHIT, fake company called fungus fanaticus- DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE THIEVES!

MostWantedOHA says:

great to see you go with your instincts and gut , certainly in the GROOVE , its really a joy to tagg along an see you work and cross boundres … kinda eye poppping !!! thanks Man !!! cheers !!!

Chemical Smile says:

It's been a long time since I fucked with BRF or did cakes I quickly moved to grinding my own flour out of whatever grain was handy usually WBS, this saved money and had better results it seemed. Very good advice here on stretching a syringe! I've been growing and a Shroomery member since 03

Phil Chandler says:

Can you store spore syringes for days/weeks/months, or so they need to be used immediately? And could you make spore syringes using a liquid culture medium, with the idea of germinating (if that's the correct term) spores in the syringe itself, for later injection into a grain/BRF medium?

Against the Modern World says:

I posted a new video showing the follow up on a PF Jar with a BRF cake that I fruited out from that homemade syringe.

Joel LaPrade says:

How long and what pressure to sterilize syringes in pc?

Andrew's World says:

Thank you for putting forth the time and effort to put out such great content

Phil Chandler says:

Is flaming the needle between each injection really necessary? It seems like you would be killing off quite a few spores in the process. I guess you can't be too careful, though.

Against the Modern World says:

This one has it all! From 1 spore syringe all the way through the life cycle, to a final fruit!
I'm not even sure if anyone else has done one like this from start to finish. I filmed this as it happened, over the course of about 8 weeks. I try to cover as many techniques and procedures in one video as I can. This isn't a slick, professional production, so you get to see what it looks like in the real world, under real conditions… you see the good the bad and the ugly.
Please try this at home, and post up any results, questions comments or critiques you have.

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