Going Beyond A Heroic Dose Of Magic Mushrooms | Mysteries Of Psilocybin

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I do not advocate or condone the use of illegal substances. This video is for informative and educational purposes. In this video I discuss several major mysteries about extremely high dose psilocybin experiences. I talk about the unknown potential and healing properties of magic mushrooms, as well as the need for our culture to integrate a shamanic tradition in a modern context.

Topics also include the importance of continued discourse and research about psilocybin experiences. I hope this video provides some educational benefit for those curious about what lies beyond already high doses of psychedelics.

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Quentin Wiley says:

Broooo I’ve seen like all your vids now. My names Quentin too spelled the exact same and I’m super fascinated about shrooms so I’m out here learning and I come across this channel! That’s crazy af. I’ll join your discord when I’m sober. Good shit man love your content

Joseph Neigh says:

Shoot, I've seen sacred Mayan geometry in the sidewalk on synthetic phenethylamines before.

Coiied says:

Great video and interesting topic, see you in the frequency man.

iPeek says:

Awesome video man, keep up the great work! ❤️

Krispy Films says:

About the visions coming from the outside or the inside out: I think you're point is valid on it perhaps being something external since what we see, others see, and others have worshiped for centuries as divine(?) contact. But maybe you could also say that theses visions are internal and projected by us since they are imbedded within us at higher sate of consciousness? Although I think that fundamentally both are true since the external is the internal: The objectively perceived IS the subjective projection

Benjamin Powell says:

Some of the most informative none Bullshit videos I have seen. Keep making videos Man! Could listen all day long.

legalise nature says:

The road to 100 grams. Let's go home

Go too 12.5 a few times then 15! Keep climbing

Natasha McFann says:

If you ever come to London on holiday let's trip together

Israel-Did-9/11 says:

Denver just legalized it

High Vibes says:

Terrence McKenna

Leonardo Beghini says:

fv youtuber X

Xavie Dias says:

You’re a smart dude

EbtsOby says:

Anyone who has studied optics will know, that the greater the diameter of the lens, the greater the resolution of the image aka dilated pupils = higher quality image

Matias Sanchez says:

Thank you <3

Lu Lu says:

I wonder what would happen if someone took some astronomical high dose like 50 grams or smth similar. People went insanely "deep/far" with IM/Smoked n,n,DMT, Ibogaine or ayahuasca, yet there are barely no reports of extremely high doeses of mushrooms. Went everyone dosing this high completely insane/psychotic after it?

camaro z28ss says:

I'm 50 and have had 6 psychedelic mushroom experiences later in life. My experiences have been with 7, 7, 7, 4, 16, and 44 grams. On my channel I have posted two videos one of my 44 grams, my wife was interviewing me, it was about 3 hours into it. The 7 gram trip was my first ever experience at the age of 49. My experience with psychedelic mushrooms showed me that in one realm we are all the same yet in this reality we are different and unique ( ego suppression is what I call my experience )…..Try as we may to suggest we are the same we are not…..we fight against it and it creates chaos.

DavidVanZyl says:

Really thought provoking video, keep up the grind

xd says:

I am so high and you just blew my mind about 10 times

Gary D'Alessandro says:

High doses of hallucinogens over a fairly long period of time lead me into deep, deep anxiety and depression (and far darker places that I can never describe) as well as an ongoing, 8 year fight with a benzo addiction. Proceed with caution. Drug experiences can seem spiritual, but they tend to revolve around things like "letting go" with no skillful development or action by the user. As far as I can tell at this point in my life, they're good if people want to see a visceral rendition of very common and explainable perceptions, amplified and made weird, and talk about them as if they have deeper meaning.


Most I've done was about 100 fresh grams. I dunno what that is dry. Even though I was vomiting slime in the shower. I loved it. I was totally smashed. I think I met a pitbull spirit. You wouldn't believe what it did. I chewed off my cock n balls while I laughed. Fucked up!

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