Who likes magic mushrooms

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Darrell Rod says:

Do more mushrooms stories its A MUST.

Willy Beamun says:

Love shrooms. Shit gave me that realization

Ras Lunacy says:

Thoughts on cannabis sativa/indica?

Hater Reps says:

Love microdosing on Magic Truffles from NL

Patrik Golubić says:

When you using shrooms your brain and body can experience another frequency because u active more brain and u open your soul. But there are beings from another frequency in this realm who can feel u that you open your soul and they can come in your head… very bad trip. Sometimes they can trick u when u are using shrooms and feel very good but they can caught when you are not ready and use your body like house. No fap yes its very good u have energy from hole realm and females feels u.

Kolby Bryant says:

I should micro dose shrooms while making beats.. wonder how they’ll turn out.

Hugo Reyes says:

Your videos are very rewarding thank you bro

Aaron Hawkins says:

Are psychedelics even sold at dispensaries?

Alexander N says:

Where do I buy them and z more stories xd

Collin_is_ballin _ says:

Please I need to.know

Collin_is_ballin _ says:

If you orgasm but don't ejaculate is that a relapse???

Malikah Underwood says:

What type of mushroom do you use and or recommend

Malikah Underwood says:

What do you mean by walking through the veil?

Malikah Underwood says:

I was just talking with someone about mushrooms then your video popped up

Buggmaster9000 says:

Gold sacc gang

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