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Kilindi Iyi Psychedelics & Dreaming Practices – NAVIGATING THE EXPERIENCE

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This is not to encourage anyone in the dreaming community to consume psychedelics to achieve lucid dreams or out-of-body experiences. But as the discussion often comes on the table and many individuals such as Terrence Mc Kennna have been linking the psychedelic states with the state of dreaming.

My personal goal was to interview master Kilindi Iyi who is well known for pushing the barriers in terms of the dosage of psilocybe (magic mushroom) to 30 – 50 dry grams and he is one of the only world wide who does that and reports about it. One of my primary objective was to elaborate on the technical aspects of the navigating the experience and to some extend I had my answers but they are far from being fully satisfactory I think and more work in this domain is to be done and documented.

I am personally involved in the dreaming practices that do not involve the use of psychedelics and actually allow any kind of experience and the depth probably beyond the psychedelics. This is my personal take on it that does not engage anyone but me and those who choose to be my apprentices in the dreaming practices.

Stay tuned, we might get more interviews with master Kilindi Iyi in the future.

Disclaimer: the possession of psilocybe mushrooms is illegal i many countries, so it is at the full responsibility of the viewer to act accordingly to the law in his or her respective country.

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Angie Marais says:

How do you spell that dream herb please?

bella says:

Love, Love, Love – Amazing interview. I really enjoy listening to others with years of out of body experience like Kilindi. It is great to compare experiences and to know what we may expect.

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