Santa Cruz Considers Decriminalizing 'Magic Mushrooms'

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Santa Cruz is on track to become the third city in the country to decriminalize psychedelic plants. Kiet Do reports. (11-14-19)


Highly Medicated says:

I hope California legalizes every single drug. That means the rest of the country will have very little homeless problem

Will Sawtell says:

Shrooms are illegal?
Why do people think it's ok for idiot's to write something down & everyone else should obey their will? How do you outlaw plants, spores & fungi, fungus? God made it…

California Guy says:

silly leaders. our kids have enough to deal with. Shrooms are not pot. this is crazy, useless mayor – get rid of her dumb ass

OTizzzer TV says:

Magic Mushroom and Pepperoni pizza anyone???

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