Altered State & Cabal – Magic Mushrooms

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🔈 🎧 Out Today – Altered State & Cabal – Magic Mushrooms
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Out next on Iono-Music is Altered State & Cabal with their fresh feisty elevating track ‘Magic Mushrooms’. A deep dirty bass rolls majestically through this track, accompanied by a plethora of kicking drums and percussion. This powerful drive is succinctly layered with hypnotic lines, alluring vocals and crazy kick ass psychedelic sounds. The track sweeps you up and engulfs your soul – then gently persuasively pulls you along for the ride of your life – flying way up high in the sky.

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DekOneHH says:

Fabio Cabal true psy head! big up my friend!

Matrix Master says:

Is This Really Happening? Answer: 121 + 212 + 121 + 212 = Yes^^

Steven says:

i love it 🙂

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