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Growing Magic Mushrooms Second Flush 🍄 Sneak Peak

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This video is for educational purposes and does not promote the sales of any products. There are no restrictions in Canada on the possession & consumption of fresh psilocybin
mushrooms. It’s also legal to purchase grow kits and spores in my country.

Therefore I started growing my own magic 🍄 this summer. I first started with growing shrooms a few months ago via straw substrates but was having issues with the sub getting contaminated in my bulk monotub. I have now tried growing via coco coir & vermiculite and it is so much easier!

My mushrooms helped me with my anxiety more than my cannabis ever has, and ever will. I’ve had anxiety for years now however since I started consuming my mushrooms my anxiety has went away! Unlike cannabis you don’t have to consume mushrooms multiple times a day to get relief.

“Studies have found that consuming psilocybin doesn’t just create a colorful, psychedelic experience for a couple of hours; it can cause neurological changes that last over a year. These changes resulted in a personality that was more open to the creative arts and became happier, even 14 months after receiving the psilocybin.”

“Surprisingly, the researchers saw that upon receiving psilocybin, the brain actually re-organized connections and linked previously unconnected regions of the brain.These connections were not random, but appeared very organized and stable. Once the drug wore off, the connections returned to normal.”

“What if, through responsible exploration with psychedelics, we free our minds? Free-thinkers are more difficult to manipulate and control.” Which begs the question: Why are psychedelics illegal?

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GrowingWithJamez says:

This channel will not last much longer I suspect. Too many cry babies out there reporting to YT that this content is not allowed when it is our basic human right to grow and consume there. Too many pussies out there that are chicken shit and DO NOT know how to stand up for themselves and their rights. LMFAO

tyler238 says:

So are these big cakes a lot harder than like the jar method?

Aaron Ramsden says:

I'm curious as the theory behind why people's second flushes are bigger, I'm no mycologist but it's really interesting to me

Connor Gillespie says:

Trip good today Man U deserve it

Connor Gillespie says:

Aye new vid

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