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I Ate $800 Shrooms – Tales from the Trip

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Wanna meet Al Roker? Take shrooms with Sydnee Washington. (TW: @Justsydnyc, IG: @justsydbw).

About Tales From the Trip:
Don’t have the time, money or connections to take drugs with comedians? Tales from the Trip is here to help. Go on an animated psychedelic journey with funny people as they recount their hilarious, scary and sometimes dangerous experiences with DMT, acid, shrooms, salvia, molly and more.

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Lawrence Arvizu says:

Bitch is lying…800 dollars in mushrooms… huh riiiiight..
I'm no expert but were I'm from eight hundred dollars in mushrooms you could go on about two thousand trips…

Tyffanee Lavely says:

I wrote this as a response to a comment, but decided to also make it it's own comment because of what I've seen many people say.
There are diff types of shrooms, diff potencies, diff trips. Which spores you use as well as how cultivate, and grow them are very important factors. I knew someone who grew shrooms for many years. He works with fungi for his profession, the shrooms were more of a side project. The man knows his fungi, I can tell u that much lol. I'm no expert on the matter. Ijust wanted to throw this out there. The "trip" she had is very possible.

MRRussiantaco says:

Umm said before, bullshit…

Shogo Makishima says:

fucking fake story

Daniel Kohn says:

To all you geniuses thinking this is a fake story — this IS what happens when you eat a hero’s dose. Lightweight bitches

Ron Hertzberg says:

This is why people ban them and are terrified of them. Because lyers like her just make random nonesense up.

Ron Hertzberg says:

Mushrooms arnt like this…. what a lying bitch.

Ron Hertzberg says:

800 dollar shrooms. Lies

Brandon D says:

She definitely dates white boys only

Steve o says:

Thought I smelt BS

Bart Griffin says:

This story is as real as her hair. Lmao

Mr. Meeseeks says:

Anyone whose ever actually taken shrooms knows this is nothing like it. Girl is bending the truth so hard. Either she never took shrooms or is falling in line with the "general consensus" of shroom taking the public seems to get wrong every time.

January says:

I’ve never done shrooms.How do you guys know it’s fake?

AgentErick99 says:

Wow if 90% of the comments are calling BS and a lot are people who have tried shrooms of different varieties and strengths then you know something isn’t right about this story. I am looking into it because they say it cures depression and anxiety. But I don’t think people would want to do them more than once if they had a crazy experience like that.

Orhun Olgun says:

clickbait title, fake story… oh no you failed the vibe check

Money Man says:

$800 shrooms? Wtf

Ace Clutch says:

Bruh wtf is this lying ass bullshit lmao

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