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Magic Mushroom Hunter

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Documentary: Identification. the hunt for mushrooms. Psilocybe semilanceata also known as Liberty Caps or Magic Mushrooms grow freely in the UK, although they are illegal (since 2005). This documentary shows you how to find and identify the magic mushrooms by observing conditions,landscape and the local wildlife.

IMPORTANT:The liberty cap mushroom grows in Northern temperate regions, the psilocybin cubensis grow in tropical regions. This video is NOT related to information about picking magic mushrooms in tropical regions.

Be sure that you have identified the correct mushroom before consuming anything.


soundtrack: Paul Messis


Billy Done says:

Dumbist most non instructional video ever.."TWAT"!!..want to find LOAD of magics ,then try grave yards.Best source of the little divil mushes

Hejsam says:

Fuck i live in sweden dont know if theese shrooms grow here plz help me

SmokingCures says:

Well this is weird, I literally live in Sussex. I'm going here tomorrow lmao!

junglist movement says:

pahahaha tripping deers would be mad to see ✌

Mark Cunningham says:

The Government want Robots not free thinkers… Shrooms will free you..

Lee Jacobs says:

Takes me back to my teenage years, fun times but be careful people. & by the way, after you make the tea or your method of choice, the best music, Floyd, Dark side of the moon !!! amazing, enjoy.

Bo Guest says:

what song is in the background of this video?

ant christan says:

not illegal in scotland sann

Eammon Wright says:

+Survive the Jive could you give tips on how to dry liberty caps for someone who can dry them legally? It would make my October lol.

DnB JYNX says:

iv been out look so many times looking cant find fuck all. iv looked for hours on end . i live in Bedfordshire.

The Agnostic Christian says:

Are Liberty Caps always slimy? Is that one more distinguishing mark? I found some look-a-likes today but they had those dome shaped caps and they were dry to the touch.

Bollog Nyessy says:

pause at 1:12 for a sneak peek of the effects you might get if you eat these.

LilBizzy409 says:

Fuck what the government says,It's nature and it's your God given right to pick mushrooms if you want.

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