Mom Eats Shrooms

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In this short documentary a 61 year old woman tries mushrooms. Will she get the “Spiritual Experience” she’s after?
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Nico di Angelo says:

2:16 feel good inc?

why parceti says:

She's right why did u make her just sit and be interviewed that has to be uncomfortable. She should have had some things to do and some music playing. Maybe gone on a walk, as well. The interview was good but u should have taken breaks in between to do it then let her get back to exploring. Also please tell her being in a crisis is a terrible time to do shrooms! U should be in a good, level state of mind.

Josef K says:

Oops I gave her 1 pound i meant give her 1 gram lol

Karim Benzema says:


Lauren Echle says:

She's making ME trip balls

ty g says:

I wish I coulda seen her face when she walks outside for the first time tripping.. it's one of the best feelings ever!!!!

Placebo says:

I took shrooms once inside, then never again. Being outside IMO is a must when you take the mighty mushroom.

Bob Todd says:

She was talking woke as

Leonard Crainie says:

The intuition thing is real

BabyBAM says:

What age do you suggest that you should start trying shrooms??

Love Wins says:

I've taken close to 1000 hits of lsd experienced insanity and back on numerous occasions and mushrooms are so much more Mello it's so good to see this. if possible I'd give the entire world lsd once a month for a whole year and then the world would get it. mushrooms are great though just not as intense

Kman199 says:

She should do mdma

ty g says:

I never take more then 2 grams of shrooms haha that's like a heroic dose for me idk how you guys could ever do 5+ gs

nynut518 says:

thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sylvanas Windrunner says:

I love your mom 😀

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