Family Guy – Brian Doing Shrooms – HD 1080p (All Psychedelic Scenes)

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Brian doing shrooms on second episode of tenth season. Contains all psychedelic parts. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do 😀 Btw sub and there will be more crazy clips from Family Guy, American Dad, Simpsons etcetc…..


TheShady Knight says:

At first it looked like LSD with the tracers then it turned into a bad DMT trip

Kernel Sanders says:

Nah, that's more like a bad DMT Trip. And that's a very bad trip…

Laks Jennings says:

This should be Brian's first trip to hell

Mitchell Milne says:

Yeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh…. those arent shrooms.

tankmaster1018 says:

Not anything even close to actually taking shrooms, but still some damn impressive animation and a cool vision! I feel like this one sequence is more effort then the FG creators have put into most of the seasons of the show combined… I seriously hate Family Guy because of how lazy the writing is and the absurd amount of gag humor, but even I will admit that this was fucking excellent.
Edit: 1:35 was pretty fucking accurate! Lol just for how awkwardly someone who is freaking out on Shrooms will leave a situation!

:gαlєxιѕ: says:

what the fuck

Kejsarn says:

these are psilocybe semilanceata that should explain why he got so high from so few

Von Huxley says:

This is the first reference of mushrooms I saw as a teenager. I used to think that psychedelic mushrooms were more dangerous than alcohol and couldn't understand why people would eat them. Now at age 21 I had two trips which were fantastic and am currently growing them. Psychedelic mushrooms are the keys to opening the doors of perception and you can have life changing spiritual trips well worth while.

the_animation_files_ 2002 says:

3:35 Quagmire?

Stafford Stafford says:

Always ground yourself, set you intention, and trip around people you love

Jacob Hamm says:

381 people didn't want to have sssseeeeeeeeeex

Kip Ogden says:

2:53 "PENIS"

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