Police Magic Mushroom Squad

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Wiltshire Police Magic Mushroom Squad on BBC TV West


RelativExistence says:

Puts a fucking plant in a police evidence bag also used for bloody knives

T U R K - 1 8 2 says:

So it's ok to pick them if you say you're going to destroy them?

Lampfish says:

Fuck them all corporate zombies these people have no sense of spiritual awareness

Gavin Viel says:

these cops are modern day good Germans there grandchildren would shame them

oliver eales says:

wanker cop decides to bully an innocent mushroom. acab

Matthew Desmond says:

Police wasting their tax payer funded time enforcing government authority and control….Nature is so bad! Lies after Lies from propaganda MSM. FREEDOM IS A FUCKING MYTH

FreshLambKebab says:

There's crackheads dealing fucked up drugs to young people, meanwhile cops are picking shrooms.

Steve Tetley says:

stupid police those aren't even liberty caps b8t well done for showing kids the wrong ones to pick and putting their lives at risk. fucking stupid pigs.

Adrian Sotropa says:

Awww how nice of them…they really care about us, but is ok as long as we have floride and heavy metals in our water and food its ok oh also make sure to consume as much pharma drugs as possible and take vaccines to reach the zombie state.
Theese are not drugs as they call it, theese are plants that grow in nature and is up to the people to do what they choose. Soon they gonna say that is ilegal to smell the flowers and the zombie officers will belive that and they will give people a hard time.

Wakey says:

Magic mushrooms are one of the safest drugs around yet they sell cigarettes on every street corner…

bob smith says:

Two and a half ugly state educated kids and 40years working in the same factory/office actually fends off mental illness you can tell by looking out your window at the fucking utopian landscape. Oh sorry that's just my curtains.

Chip Hazard says:

What a bunch of ignorant monkeys. If he ate that, he would take that badge OFF.

Chip Hazard says:

What a bunch of ignorant monkeys. If he ate that, he would take that badge OFF.

Chip Hazard says:

What a bunch of ignorant monkeys. If he ate that, he would take that badge OFF.

Chip Hazard says:

What a bunch of ignorant monkeys. If he ate that, he would take that badge OFF.

Lee Keebum says:

People are so stupid, and the police are more than stupid if not completely ignorant and retarded

DNA Duck says:

"Plant"……… you mean fungus dumbass

Stephen Hollinrake says:

You can eat them straight from the ground and it's not illegal , and 99% of people who have eat them are fine ,people get black outs and phycosis who don't even take anything ,maybe the truth that the system we live in is the most dangerous thing in our lives !

Flann Flynn says:

This is great. Now I know what to look for.

Varun B says:

How the fuck can people have free happiness….there is a whole trillion dollar industry doing hard work to make money e.g. alcohol, tobacco….lol…ban people using wonders of nature.

T M says:

Pathetic all natural drugs should be legal but the goverment are to controlling and dont want us to wake up

Hermetic Dragon X says:

What a pile of crap! I could NOT do that Job. Police patrolling forests HA! What a joke.

Mizzwilliams says:

What a bunch of fucking idiots. It's a fucking plant I swear I'm so embarrassed to be a Brit.

Steven Doran says:


Brythonek Grey says:

HAHHAHA almost chris morris esq

BulletL says:

I imagine how police is now searching for mushrooms instead of doing obviously more important things like busting big Drug dealers but no magic mushrooms are way more important

BulletL says:

about to pick up mushroom
Police: Hey it’s illegal!
Me: i didn’t picked it up yet
Police: Ohh well sorry then
After 5 Hours of waiting for the police to get the fuck away now im picking up the…
pew pew pew
Police: i told you that’s illegal! Now you‘ve faced justice!
The Police now tests the mushroom and realize… it was just a normal mushroom

Donna Bamonte says:

Idiots! They are not even liberty caps! Don’t pick anything, just stay at home and be brainwashed watching crap TV! Class A drug?? It’s natural, your telling me nature is illegal now!! This country is an absolute joke!!

jn john says:

I am a natural living entity of a natural living earth therefore it is my natural living right as a natural living entity of the natural living earth, to forage for food and medicine as I naturally see fit for my natural uses as a natural living entity of the natural living earth….
For I am….
((((((( Nature )))))))
Following the natural resonance of the natural law and order of nature, that of which comes naturally to me….

It is the very natural law and order of nature that governs all life….

Not the petty corrupt fictitious laws of egotistical physical men….

For we are all of the very same natural living energy of the natural living earth….

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