My experience microdosing psychedelics | differences between LSD and Psilocybin

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I’ve been experimenting with microdosing for about 2 years. It has been one of the more important personal growth and mental health practices I have had on hand in that time. This video is sharing my perspectives and experiences between magic mushrooms (psilocybin) and LSD and the differences in what they have offered me.

Including my comparison of microdosing LSD to Adderall and Modafinil for ADHD and ADD.


Adventures Through The Mind says:

Thanks for giving my perspective your attention and engagement! I hope it lands well for you.

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Dennis Wei says:

this is helpful, thx for sharing

David Huckins says:

Did you look like a greasy filthy hippy before you started this experiment?

scott b says:

I'm 23 and I have social anxiety and depression. On the weekend I micro dosed psilocybin. Due to my depression I have some bad habits and rarely spend time with other people except for at work.

I had had a friend ask me to come hangout with them that day and originally I wasn't all that interested in meeting up with them. I took my shrooms and a few hours later I was kind of on the verge of slipping in to a bad habit again but something changed, all of a sudden I wanted to go for a walk outdoors instead and then during my walk I actually felt a genuine desire to go hangout with that friend. I actually ended up hanging out and had a good time.

MrLegendary0ne says:

Mushrooms are really therapeutic for us men. I'm able to feel my emotions and release them easier. Less anxiety

See Jee says:

I have a long history of drug and psychedelic use, but after being put on medications and moving I became stuck in a way. It has been around 4 years since I have tripped. 2 years ago I had my first SVT a heart disease. I have felt so useless as a person period after diagnosed. My biggest fear in the ER was honestly me asking myself "Please don't let this stop me from using psychedelics again! Will I ever be able to get my life back on track and re-wire my brain again?". So I've been trying to research people using psychedelics with SVT, but haven't found much. I know if I do start using psychedelics again that I must start with a microdose. My question to you is do you notice any issues or strains on your heart from only microdosing? I would love to microdose soon as I can, but feel safe and out of harms way. I thought maybe if I were to take say 1/16th of an LSD tab over several days maybe my body wouldn't be effected as much or at all and possibly after several days I might build a tolerance to be able to take a larger microdose that would be effective for re-wiring my brain from all the years of mental issues and SVT and trauma I've been through. I am on disability and don't have any life really and I feel that being stuck on medications for years and being alone has made things so much worse. And yet the only thing i can think of helping me is to trip again or at least microdose. I have severe PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Severe Panic Disorder and Depersonalization. I am a firm believer in the use of psychedelics to help with these mental issues much more than medication from doctors. I know i can not take MDMA or anything but I feel that LSD, Mushrooms and possibly DMT would still be of use to me even with SVT. I am just looking and asking everywhere trying to find some advice. I am currently on Klonopin, Xanax, and OxyContin (for my disability being disc displacement and scoliosis in my back). I have been tapering off the Oxy, but feel I may never be able to be free from benzos. Another thing is I think if I did microdose that i wouldn't even notice it because of my medications killing the psychedelic or dulling it down? In a way that is comforting to think, but I want the real effect to reset my brain back to normal. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for the video.

Billy Jack says:

Definitely cool keep it up good stuff I've been doing it for thousands of years . Sorry this phone is a piece of shit people have been doing this for thousands of years yeah

Florine Both says:

Your use of language is beautiful

Billy Jack says:

Thank you guys for keeping it real this is a good thing putting it up

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