Beginner’s Guide to Growing & Wildcrafting Medicinal Mushrooms – Quit Your Job and Farm Series

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This class is a beginner’s guide to growing & wildcrafting medicinal mushrooms. John Michelotti of Catskill Fungi shares his vast knowledge during this class from the Porcupine Freedom Festival. If you always wanted to learn to grow mushrooms for medicine but didn’t know where to start, then you need to watch this class.
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Matt Cain says:

There might be some good information here and I'm sure he knows his mushrooms, but you lost me at "detox". Sounds like you're attaching homeopathic nonsense to something that could have legitimate medicinal purposes.

David Huckins says:

Great information. Thanks to this video I joined the local mushroom club and am attending my first meeting tonight.

Marcus W. Arcanum says:

that fkn fly drove me crazy!!!

Boris Siomin says:

its not many times i am impressed however watching this certainly made me think but have you looked at the resource called gregs mushroom grower look for it on google

The OS says:

informative and a tad humorous. thanks

nat Lee says:

guna have to search now , not like u can easily find it

nortonwhale says:

Great content!

Caleb Hansen says:

respect towards this man he really does not Bash big pharma but disagrees with it's methods and explains why and let's you decide for your self (very carefully described) which is what people need to hear. especially the topic on isolation very well said and is the reason why western science is lazy. I totally disagree with the pharmaceutical industry there's no reason why medicinal should have a contradicting side effect as holistic approach just takes care of the situation and sends you on your way. as he explains western culture has a fine line because if you cure your patient what other reason should they come back leading to why big pharma is corrupt in a sense they have customers for life then as a holist doctor has a selected few for a selected amount of time. Go natural health!!!!!(and go Eastern science) 21:00

gcxred4kat9 says:

Would've watched the video, but the crying kid in the background made it unwatchable. Hey parents of young kids, FYI, NOBODY wants to hear your kid in a venue like that. Makes it VERY hard for some of us to concentrate. If I was there and had to pay money for that, I'da been STEAMING!

autiemuse says:

Umm, yeah … like I am really, umm, yeah, really super kinda grateful I didn't, umm pay for this, like, presentation.
This man is certainly knowledgeable, but it is obvious that he didn't properly prepare to present his info. Not preparing a concise and well-ordered class is irresponsible…especially, when speaking about something as potent as mushrooms!

Alan R says:

thanks for the help Tarrin

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