How to use Spawn Bags and Casing Mix for a Bulk Grow! Time Lapse

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Overview of doing a Montotub or Bulk grow. Break up spawn bags and add casing mix. Advanced growing method made simple!


St says:

how do you make your casing mix? and do you sterilize it in the pressure cooker before adding the spawn ?

Midwest Grow Kits says:

Sure, I won’t get into details on this thread but you can fruit in the bag with a little vermiculite and spray bottle. The results won’t be as you see here but it certainly won’t go to waste! Check the last page of our spawn bag grow guide! Thanks!

BonQuiQui HGII says:

Just ordered two spawn bags, is it possible just to leave the spawn bags alone and just let them fruit inside the bag? I can do 1 tub but I have roommates and don't have the space.

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