Comparing two mushroom species: one magic, one deadly.

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Comparing the deadly Galerina marginata to the psychoactive Gymnopilus luteofolius. A mistake can be deadly.

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Panda Demuffin says:

U need to zoom in man

LLIP DER says:

Are all mushrooms that bruise bluish contain psilocybin ? Will any mushrooms that bruise bluish kill you ?

Terry says:

When eating mushrooms, do we eat the whole thing or just the cap/top part?

Xander says:

I can hardly hear this video

Karl Kvalvik says:

Thank you Paul! I just subscribed to your channel after this video popped up on my feed! I love learning about mushrooms and mushrooms love learning about me; we're all a big happy plant family!

Ayy Blur says:

Gaben, is that u?

Caesar Skiba says:

I love these videos. so much knowledge

ganjah_ninjah 2117 says:

The galerinas I have here are way smaller than that, fascinating

Michelle Burkholder says:

Thank you for making the dangers of look a like mushrooms clear. To many idiots out there who are quit ignorant and irresponsible.

RobertMStahl says:

I can see why the earth is pleased to have you with her. Pretty important. Shhh. 😀

John Doe says:

I been trying to find some in San Jose CA

Carlos Gonzales says:

I want some magic mushrooms

Maxwell Sylvia says:

Are these found in Massachusetts

Blaine o hare says:

At my cousins wedding.. can't hear what he says but still liked and subbed because he's a venius

DonniePynnTV says:

Hey Paul is there a way I can message you to get help identifying?

james tre says:

So the deadly ones don't bruise blue?

Zeb Alford says:

Paul ! I completely believe you brah I was listening to your explanation about the cows and seeing them a week later all dead! I did the same thing in Scottsdale AZ 85251 I had a crystal clear dream I won the power ball in 2005 I never play I decided to buy a ticket I used numbers of my life 12, 18, 8, 10, 9, but anyway I said Zeb you are absurd it’s not mathematically possible only a wishful fool would think that they have a chance in hell so I throw the ticket away and Wednesday night it hits and I’m walking to the store next morning and the news is there someone got all the numbers except the power ball $76,0000 went unclaimed and I then hated my actions because of my own self doubt. But now I would rather have lost a whole years pay to realize there is folds in the space time and there are these rare glimpses that do occur. I am also a fellow mycologists and tripper I would love to study under you even the most mundane of jobs I’ll take ! Here in MS we get mostly the cubanesis I have come across the gallerina looking for Chanterelles though great vid and thank you for you’re fearless wisdom!

JoJo Mama says:

Holy smokes!I've always been under the impression that any mushrooms growing on wood are NEVER poisonous…man,did I learn something here,THANKS!!!

zezt zezter says:

I like you Paul Stamets but this is such a badly filmed little lesson, especially when it is warning of actual death if we confuse these two mushrooms! RIGHT FROM THE GET GO THE CAMERA SHOULD BE VERY CLOSE TO THE MUSHROOMS AND SHOW EXACT DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE GOOD ONES AND THE BAD ONES (FOR US) Instead of patronizing us not to pick them. we WOULD and COULD if we had the proper information like you Paul!

Gunplay Gaming says:

On the bright side looks like theres more of the magic one 🙂

aaron66633 says:

Altered state of conciousness what r who was the author for that book u talked about on Joe Rogan show

nimble fingers says:

Oh God, imagine being the guy hunting for edible mushrooms back in old times and popping 1 or 2 "magic" ones by accident. That'll make for a crazy walk back to your village lol scary stuff.

Ben says:

thanks for the video jerry g

bubblerings says:

Damn, love your info and You on Joe Rogan.
Not loud enough… Thanks for the important video.

Anant Singh says:

he's like hagrid irl

jlgdj82 says:

I dont see no blue and no got dam green

jlgdj82 says:

They are both fake

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