Shroom Hunters – Magic Mushroom Hunting in Florida (Gulf Coast)

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Finding a lot of shrooms in Florida!
Just made an instagram:


nyancat1231 says:

Who has good spots in sunrise/Weston Florida? Been looking everywhere

Mybell Jones says:

I live in the northeast part of Florida could you make a guide on finding shrooms in Florida I've been having a bit of trouble finding one. down the street from me, there's a property that has a few cows but they don't have a field the cows just kinda hang out in a swampy area in front of the house do shrooms grow in really wet conditions?

ugsisr says:

Plastic Bags…….Amateurs…

p wip magzine says:

Do you sell them

Mark Sizemore says:

Hey man whats a good time of year to look for them in va or wva? idk thanks.


I'd love a spore print. Lmk!

Benjamin Barmichael says:

Next time you got to show your final yield laid out so we can all see your hard days work =]

Harr ison says:

Pick up a turd and put one in the bag

bama912 says:

If it hasn’t already been said: People, don’t use plastic bags. Find a good reusable with openings/holes in it. This way, when you bag those beautys and walk around picking up more, you spread the spores around. Spreads them around for the next time.

Fernando G. says:

does anyone know where I can get shrooms by Weston? or nearby the Everglades? shit is hard around this place


Awesome video dude!!!!
We get liberty caps here in the UK they make those shrooms you found look like giants hahaha nice find mate

B Series says:

Damn….lucky you

Detached Dad says:

How many fresh ones are required for a decent experience?
I’ve gotten quite a few and have only had one good experience it’s been very inconsistent.

meabo says:

How many hookers do i have to kill to win your trust?

Joshua L says:

1:48 lol it's not like you have to catch them

snuggle says:

Any tips on finding a spot for these? I see places that are fenced off with no trespassing signs and I'm paranoid to go over it

Cael Ray says:

my neighbor has a goat and a donkey. He spreads the manure along the fence line. I've been harvesting a great amount for a few weeks now.

Gabriel Garcia says:

Nomms déjalos que crescan puro bb nomás haciendo la maldad xc

Omar Nery's says:

You should be tapping them before picking them and not pull them by the root. Also I wouldn't video yourselves jumping a fence trespassing.
You guys still have a lot to learn. Smh.

Corey.c says:

I have a question I live on Oregon on the west coast what time would you say its shroom seasion thanks

momomox says:

Hey really need some help finding a decent field anywhere in the deland Daytona beach port orange or new symrna area? Email me pls @

hale.m.j says:

Have you come across any with worms? Anything to do about it?

Slender Man says:

Nice purple mystics

Alex Ben says:

I meed to know where this is , ive been attempting to find these for like a month now and i havent found a single one

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