Joe Rogan – Mushrooms, Soul-traveling | “There’s no ‘making it’, just be in the moment.”

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Joe Rogan talks about mushrooms, soul traveling, philosophy, and how life is not even a journey – just be in the moment.

For the entire Joe Rogan Experience #1098 – Eddie Bravo click here:


Nano Griminger says:

Mushrooms are Fungi/Fungus……

mike KINDRED says:

Don't apologize to all gay people you are using the word faget Our Generation use that word faget all the time if they get something stuck sideways up their ass and butt hurt about it that's on that people are too sensitive and if you feed into their sensitivity they'll be more sensitive
You don't have to explain yourself you're a good guy people know you're a good guy by explaining yourself that will make somebody that doesn't know you maybe think otherwise so fuck that I say faget all the time it's just a part of our generation and our being and what we know why should anybody filter themselves air filter I just never got this I'm not into the PC culture whatsoever

mike KINDRED says:

I ate 1/8 of mushrooms last night it was 27 degrees out start a small fire and you slept the smoke over me and I fucking travel through time at Night My Mind remembers the past then I walked around a little bit the Stars They Flash. You have to look at the stars when you're on mushrooms and you're around your peak of your trip the dimensions use see . I even seen a shooting star .you can see lines between some stars like there so.e type of highways or connection points
Because some stars dont have it and some do .and set of stars have there own were there not connected to some .and some parts of the sky you feel empty. Like its inbeteewn lives or cycles..and other parts of the sky you can feel teaming with life and joy . And you can feel that one part does not know other parts . But alot of parts know of each other. And some are just there by them selfs.. I think were our in between and our part of the universe is kind of isolated but it wont be for long. It just a matter of time before we are connected again .
We were 14000 years ago and something happened .there no way in hell you cant look at the stars and say there nothing out there. Maybe a war happens and it broke trust. And they just been watching or it could be that the earth was the center point that way we have diffrent types of humans and something happened. That set us back to step 1 but a 3/4 or a light year away there is life maybe they need the tec or maybe they are waiting .if our government or governments know or even nasa about a planet or planets .there is no way in hell they would tell the world . It will pop there illusion of middle eastern religions
And people would freak out some will
Also they would lose control of peoples minds I think. For the …most part of this rat race they have us living in .all our ancestors were so.e type of Paga. Belief system or religion. Even in the middleeast at o e point it was tribal beliefs and religions. Pagan in nature believing in multiple gods and all of them say that there is life on other planets all of them talk about a war that happened about 12 to 14 thousand years ago all of them talk about the comment that hit. They all talk how we were all connected maybe. Life was on mars and Venus Venus is the only planet that doesn't have a moon Mercury was probably Venus's moon at one time cuz Mercury is not in its original orbit and 3 billion years Mercury will hit the Earth if you reverse Mercury's orbit it will take it somewhere around Venus and Venus is just outside I mean just outside the habitable zone if it was a few million miles and then outer space that's nothing further from the Sun it will be habitable just like earth. If the moon was made of the same stuff as earth the.our moon was habitable at one time. Astronomers even say that there's missing planets in our solar system that mercury should not be there that there should be more planets in between Venus in the Sun and the Earth and the Sun. I mean there is so many protoplanets are small moons orbiting these gas giants one of these could have easily been orbiting closer to our star at one time and been habitable. Pagan beliefs all Pagan religions are tribal list of religions from back in the day 12 and 14000 years ago all talked about multiple Realms multiple planets in our solar system. I think everyone came to earth because it was the only place left to go that was habitable. Maybe some went fav away to a diffrent star system . But alot came to earth .I cant want for the return if you ask me
We e need to be more tribal. And pagan un our ways enough with thus rat race that is NOT LIFE. What so ever .
Of you never ate shrooms do your self a favor and eat some. Its not like aric
Buy a 1/8 eat a half of cap or 1 full cap first wash it down with Oj because he can't sit in the whole Jay makes the mushrooms react like penicillin in your system so it destroys all the bad stuff on the mushrooms if there's any take bacteria or mold or mildew. Then just wait an hour or so and see how you feel and then he another cap or may be a stem. And just go with it dont resist where your mind takes you just don't think negatively and if you start thinking negative things think of something happy or walk around and change your environment this could be just as simple as mean in York back of your house to walk around to the front of your house or in one room to the next or inside you walk outside we're just down the street and back. At night it the best time to eat them . When no one is around .

XenoRipz says:

joe woahhhh rogan

Trucker Weeks84 says:

Dude Joe I love you brother but your boy Eddie bravo is a real weird fucking guy.

Maltfalc says:

lots of animals don't move.

Golden Apples says:

Yes! Reset!

Nature Boy says:

eddie" quick as hell and eloquent at backpedaling from socially incorrect statements" bravo. Bravo!

Cade Ignatov says:

if it were like your soul could choose to come back or stay in where ever it goes, i wonder if the reason the worlds population is getting so much larger is because all the souls are like “damn, it looks hella fun to live in this time on earth, let me get in on this” so they come back as a baby and live a life with all this better technology than what they had when that soul died the last time

Dusty Dawg says:

That song at the end is awful wtf

Chris Diaz says:

Anybody got a copy of Eddie Bravo's CD?

Mike c says:

Do people or other entities/energies in other realms/dimensions trip and experience our dimension and be like wtf i experienced a whole other place with these entities called humans & It was terrible lol we are seeing are seeing their dimensions and they are seeing ours

Ashton Michael says:

I love how Joe rogan is memeing in YouTube comments. He needs fb memes

Joanna d'Arc says:


Lewiiz says:

Joe "I'm gonna be dead someday" Rogan

Christine LaBeach says:

I'd like to go back but die at 10 year old. That way I could be a kid forever.

noah bryant says:

Cover the conspiracies about he CIA and the psychedelic movement. Almost every major psychedelic free thinker has been accused of being a CIA agent. Even McKenna in the 80 and 90's.

Chris H says:

What if Trump tried Shrooms? Would he be humble?

SimT says:

Easter egg!!!!! 5:07 comment if you see it.

Steve Taves says:

I have had an experience on "Mushrooms" where I could speak a language that sounded much like Latin or Esperanto does, and I could understand it as the universal language "we" (all intellectual beings in the universe understand) intrinsically know. Likely it was just gibberish, but felt as if intelligence was also in all living things, though not all things speak out load obviously. Trees, insects, blades of grass, flowers, etc. can not talk to us directly, but are linked to us in a continuum of life. Felt like I was more aware of this interconnection between myself and all things living. Usually I just enjoy the relaxing warm feeling of mushrooms, and see tracers and other eye tricks as well hyper sensitive to music and sounds, giggle and feel chilled out. That time it started off that way, but became more profound, and awakening of senses unused by us humans.

XANDER says:

Is Eddie on adderall ?

Gleiciano Silva says:

I lost my fuck point. I like that guy very original jjjjjj

Luis Flores says:

What's music to trip out to anyone?

James Hudson says:

Nobody is ½ as humble as you! Stop rubbing it in our faces!!

Short for Change says:

if its the same life, does not living it once mean you have lived it an infinite times?

mike says:

did everyone miss the masquerade thing Eddie Bravo spoke about

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