Destiny talks about his experience taking magic mushrooms ft. Reckful

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toddler1009 says:

They're talking about Star Trek TNG " The Inner Light" the best shit! ALSO don't do hero doses with strangers! Bad idea.

H!DDEN!NTHERA!N/雨の中に隠され says:

People can have this shit while not being on drugs… ofc its intensified , but its called depersonalisation and derealisation… and it wont go away… and hes actually lucky that his mind got back to the "normal" state this experience could swaped over to his normal working mind and he would be stuck questioning reality for ever.. and also you dont need drugs to question reality your mind is capable of doing it on its own , cause rly , what is reality… this is a topic that goes only down the rabbit hole infinitly..oh and also… shrooms shut down certain parts of the brain , its not like you would asumed that the brain is working on high power mode.. its the complete opposite , frontal cortex gets shut down almost completly and other certain parts , thats why people describe this experience like "dieing" cause their cortex is where you and your personality most likely sit , its the thing that is talking to you all the time.. so thats why people feel like dieing.. theres not much to it , but it can also be good for the brain , like alot , shrooms tend to help with depression and anxiety etc its a whole nother topic to get into but yea.. you fuck with the thing in your head that is generating reality … can be scary can be uplifitng its different for everyone else.. the people that say they saw machine elves are corny tho… like dafuq man

Gamer Freek says:

People say that the best way to do it is when you are well rested, with nothing in your stomach for like 6 hours, in your room in complete silence and darkness.

Lichtblick Vegan says:

DMT is where it's at!

John Smith says:

Wheres the video reckful was talking about?

jarrett maltry says:

Biiiiiiig subs POGGERS

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