Psilocybin Mushrooms and the Mycology of Consciousness: Immersion into the MycoVerse

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Welcome every body! I present you Paul Stamets came to speak at the Newmark Theatre in Portland Oregon on 9/20/2018. I was lucky enough to stand on stage and record his lecture. But the bad news is I do not have any of the material he was displaying on the screen.

The bright note is that I fully transcribed this video and I believe I have every proper noun and latin name correct. If I’m wrong leave a comment I will correct it! But Im pretty sure I’m right.

Thank you every body.
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Thomas Baxter says:

31:45 María Sabina presenting it to who? Argor Nawassa? No search results can’t figure out what he is saying.

Jarn Jarnson says:

Righteous fellow. One of my favorite humans. May we all live and grow together. Transcend limitation and encourage evolution of our minds/species. Long live the mushroom kingdom!

andy shelly says:

very good presentation

James Jones says:

One of my favourite characters what a legend.thanks for sharing!

Ryan Gallagher says:

What is that crap in the background in the last couple minutes of the video? There was some overlapping audio.

MadHatter CZ says:

I am so grateful for you putting this up! I have been studying mushrooms for six years now and seeing what is happening all over the world I would dare to say we are at the beginning of huge "mushroom wave"… Mushrooms are cultivated more and more in Africa, in poor countries of south east Asia, etc., there is a rise of new materials created from mycelium, mushrooms are being used in all sorts of ways in agriculture. And the psychedelic use is the whole other topic. This feels great.

Jamey McNutty says:

This is what prime time network television should look like.

AcoosticRoots says:

Thank you! Great presentation. Can we get the slides from Paul? 😀

Jon Ruppert says:

Great! Thanks for putting this up!

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