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Magic Mushrooms contain psilocybin which causes your brain to reroute it’s neural networks, sending messages through different parts of your brain, resulting in unusual perspectives of your environment.

Psilocybin is metabolised in your body into psilocin, which enters your blood stream and has an effect on your nerves. It prevents the reuptake of several neurotransmitters like serotonin, increasing their effects to give you feelings of happiness and euphoria. Psilocin also acts in your brain to alter its messaging pathways, thereby altering your perceptions of reality.

As a result, you will feel confused, delusional and you may even hallucinate. Unfortunately, you can also experience several negative side effects including nausea, anxiety, paranoia and psychosis. This will occur if you have too many magic mushrooms.

It is impossible to overdose on magic mushrooms. The dangerous part about using this drug is that you don’t know how much psilocybin is contained within each mushroom, making it easy to have too much of the drug which will promote those negative side effects!

Another big risk with magic mushrooms is getting the appropriate mushrooms. It is easy to mistake magic mushrooms for inedible or poisonous mushrooms. Amanita Phalloides is a highly poisonous mushroom that is often mistaken for a magic mushroom.

Finally, if somebody consumes too many magic mushrooms, too much psilocybin and psilocin will cause them to have a bad trip. To treat this, you need to offer the person mental support. Remain calm, take them to a quiet area, talk to them and help them through their mental problems. If they can remain calm, the drug will wear off and they will return to normal. If this doesn’t work, you should take the person to a hospital where a doctor can care for them and keep them safe until they are feeling better.

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