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Time Travel and Parallel Universes PART 1 Hour 1

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Original date of this live broadcast was on September 9, 2018.

Topics discussed: Time travel, parallel universe, science and quantum physics.

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The Intellectual Introvert says:

Lets goooo.
Much love Sean.

This Guy!!! says:

Ant-Man and the Wasp

This Guy!!! says:

Time is a great teacher, but sadly kills all it’s pupils.. great quote

This Guy!!! says:

The Mandela effect is a very interesting subject because I do believe certain things have been changed from my childhood to now and some people claim it’s always been that way while others agree with me on the changes

This Guy!!! says:

Fan4stic was trash

Bobbito Chicon says:

I dont think we can time travel in our own Dimensional Timeline , we can only Time Travel into Dimensional Timelines next to our own..based on what Jhon Titor siad.

Joyce Watkins says:

I'm Really enjoying This Subject Matter…Nice Build-Up to get us ready for the next series that are coming… Oddly my mind feels more comfortable with entertaining Time Travel than Ai all up in your business & controlling things…I associate time with units of measurements – something more uniform for the masses rather than looking at the Sun to tell time…Time can still be even more uniform if we were All on the same time schedule no- matter where you lived…This difference to me, as crazy as it may sound is the 1st sign of the idea of a parallel Universe…What if another Universe was years ahead instead of a few hours?? Like we maybe years ahead of our past…I am excited – moving on to Hour 2..

ConcernedCitizen says:

Perhaps there are portals but I seriously doubt that anybody will be returning to inform us as to what's there! They could lead to certain death since we are so fragile, will there be air to breathe, gravity the correct temps to sustain life water , food etc when you think about it we really need a lot of components to sustain our lives

P WHALES says:

Very interesting and informative broadcast

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