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The Dangers of Psychedelics (DMT, LSD, Magic Mushrooms, Psilocybin, Acid)

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The game of life is the game of Enlightenment. It’s the game of becoming more like the warm beautiful sun that you already are. Learn how to be more like the radiant sun with these 7 powerful “Pillars of Enlightenment”. Learn more by visiting https://www.enlightenmentuniversity.com/7-pillars

Psychedelics are life changing. When I first encountered mushrooms, I was mind blown by its effects. I went into states of ecstasy and bliss unfamiliar to me. At the time, I thought that psychedelics would save the world. I was naive. Psychedelics are great tool for the evolution of consciousness, but they are simply not enough. The wisdom and love felt while on psychedelics has been known to Eastern Mystics and philosophers for thousands of years. They developed systems around it that get you “high” on regular basis without using any substances. Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and other Eastern traditions knew about this for a long time. The system of yoga is delibratley designed to dissolve all boundaries of the mind and become one with the universe. My many mushroom and acid trips led me to Eastern mysticism and I’m continuously learning from it.


Saeed Mobayed says:

This game of life we are playing, what’s the point of it? Buddhists say the goal is to attain “Nirvana”. Hindus seem to agree but they have a different word for it: “Mukti”. Sufis call it “Fina” while Daoists refer to the merging of the individual with the great universal “Dao” as the main goal. It’s pretty obvious what we are all doing here folks. We are here to get ENLIGHTENED! We are here to bring out the light that is already within us. We are here to clear out all the clouds that are blocking the sun within our hearts. I wrote this 11 page report titled “7 Pillars of Enlightenment” as a systematic guide to remind me of the rules of the game and how to play it in order to accelerate the arrival to the final destination: To become the beautiful radiant sun and merge with the great Dao! You can check out the report and download it for free at https://www.enlightenmentuniversity.com/7-pillars. Stay lit folks!

ObamaSaidHeLikesMe says:

Would you say micro dosing is fine? The only real issue I found with lsd or shrooms, is that it could cause schizophrenia, personality disorder, and mental disorders in general….micro dosing doesn't have enough punch to cause mental problems, does it? Obviously everyone is different but the chances are sooo low for micro dosing. Also, does it cause any physical damage to the brain or body? (Any kind of harm)

David Cuellar says:

I doubt reencarnation is a past life thing, since the ego flactuates so much i believe reecarnation is just the ego coming back each time, and it kinda makes sense, my ego has gotten un masked more times than i can count..

BBG says:

Please do videos on the cave practices you've practiced. Thank you

jacob pagan says:

Love ur vids bruh

Jason Batista says:

Nice hair mannn

Iki Gai says:

Saeed, that was a great talk as always. Thanks, much love!

severus says:

Everything he said is so relatable, and honestly comforting. You are really good at describing the entire situation. I feel at peace because everything you said is true

Filip Pajak says:

Hey Saeed nice video. I would agree that not everyone is ready for a psychedelic experience and their are other avenues to take to make the world a better place. I was wondering if you've ever tried San Pedro cactus, and/or mescaline? My last experience was two years ago with pure LSD and San Pedro would be one of the last medicines I'd want to add to my repertoire of experiences. Just wondering if you've tried it all or not.

Jack Haz says:

Hey Saeed Moybayed maybe I can give you a good a idea for a video with this. Do you think life is fair? And do you think being a innocent person will get you further in life or do you think life punishes you if your a reckless person?? Let me know brother


I def agree with some of your lasts points. I believe psychedelics to the ego-strong and unready is spiritually analogous to feeding a sirloin to an infant. It happened to me – I was unable to let go, and spent roughly a month not quite in this reality. I'm writing a book about it, and am eternally grateful for the experience…but for all of those who dabble or are considering dabbling with psychs, be cautious before diving into the depths of the Waters.

RatedLive says:

Fan of your main channel , good stuff!!!!

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