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Using Magic Mushrooms To Deal With Depression and Hopelessnesss

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After grappling with brutal depression, anxiety, and hopelessness for over a year, I decided to try psilocybin cubensis (aka psychedelic or magic mushrooms). I am NOT a Dr. and this video is not advocating breaking any laws. There is a lot of research on the efficacy of magic mushrooms on depression, anxiety, and hopelessness and my experience was very positive.

Magic mushrooms can ‘reset’ depressed brain: https://www.bbc.com/news/health-41608984
Responsible Use of Psychadelic Mushrooms: http://www.magic-mushrooms-shop.com/responsible-use/
Magic Mushrooms safest drug you can take: https://tonic.vice.com/en_us/article/43gey3/mushrooms-are-the-safest-drug-you-can-take
FDA Appproves Psilocybin For Depression Trial: https://www.newsweek.com/fda-approves-psychedelic-magic-mushrooms-ingredient-psilocybin-depression-1086759


Syuhada Adila says:

I feel hopeless as they said long term depression cannot be cured..☹☹☹..but i believe the magicall of magic mushroom.God gives them to us

Feta Cheese Lena says:

Were you on any meds when you did this? I did 3g on my SSRI, and i hardly felt anything. I did 3.5g on 1/2 my regular SSRI dose, and that one I felt and could close my eyes and see visuals, etc.

ZeCat says:

You are such an inspiration and brave of you to try this!

Kevin Turner says:

Well done Greg!

Mellific 1 says:

Thank you for sharing.

Woken One says:

I love this video. <3 Very funny and encouraging! You are an example sir.

Zayne Marston says:

Just beautiful Geoff. Good 4 u to put it out there. I got a contact high as you entered the one hour mark. Lol. Mother Nature has much in store for us if we open to her magic. Cosmic reset. Many out there who are suffering so, yet to benefit. Your Saggitarius (?) nature is perfect for spreading truth of things. Keep us posted! BTW, check out http://www.maps.org: Multi Disciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies if you haven't already in your search. Haola!

Linda G says:

That was very brave of you to do, Geoff. You were hilarious at times. Ha. As far as your results throughout the following week after using mushrooms…it seems like they kinda reset your brain in a way, doesn’t it? Perhaps the chemical in the mushrooms ‘turned on’ receptors that regulate emotion that were otherwise dormant after your concussion? I wonder if the ‘post affect’ the mushrooms had on you will fade over time…but, what if it doesn’t? That would be amazing!

I am recovering from a brain injury from my M.V.A. Back in 2016. You were the first face I saw when I had recovered enough to use my iPad and seek out information regarding concussion/traumatic brain injury on YouTube. I have followed your journey while living my own. Thank you for your continued effort in making these videos and introducing the various modalities that perhaps others with a T.B.I. Hadn’t tried or thought of themselves. People like you make the world a better place. 🙂

Kat Blue says:

Thanks for sharing. I came across mushrooms in my early research just after my injury when I began realizing how severe my cognitive issues were. I take a non-psychoactive mushroom supplement that seems to help me some and am interested in learning more about "magic" mushrooms, just a bit fearful of trying just yet. I'm curious about your initial description of them as "culinary".

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