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Mushrooms and Schizophrenia (how psychedelics changed my life)

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Mushrooms and Schizophrenia (how psychedelics changed my life) Is about my first time taking psychedelic mushrooms, and what a major effect the experience had on my life and mind.


Jaunt says:

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hope it is obvious I wouldn’t tell anyone with mental illness to do anything, especially as impulsively, as this.
And this video is just my story..not advice.
I lament the way I had to name it / highlight story matter for YouTube search..just feels tacky .. and I want to reiterate again it’s clearly not advice.

Tawny Rey says:

You should really write a book

mark sieb says:

Guess what…youre not scizospherinc…that is drugs

Bean Mean says:

yr hair was so long

Ali Mohammond says:

you have a nice personality, I going through same thing as u, but I get take advantage all the time,cause I can be to nice!

Daniel Friend says:

Jaunty,what are you reading lately?

Fj Perez says:

would you be my girlfriend?

we can just talk in skype if you want : )

Sydney black says:

You should do periscope…

Suzane Lima says:

You make me want to get back into writing… cheers to that. I'm on it. XO

Jim Stephens says:

Great video.

Ana’s Rants & Beauty says:

Twitter doesn't like me either Jaunt! Or maybe it's me that doesn't like Twitter…….

Stu Bell says:

Very beautiful unique young lady inspiration to us all. I loved your story and the way you told it I wish you all the luck in the world love you x

Judita J. says:

Heyo, my favorite YT fellow human! Looking specially great and healthy. And happy! Wow, you amaze me.
I'm still not feeling that I'm human, and I'm much older than you, in your cool story.
I wish that you can hit that 1k subscribers! I'll help you with that, as much as I can.
It's kinda big day for me today, just wish me luck. (it's morning in Europe, and it was so cool to see you right now! Thx for that)
I gotta go (touching my hair, touching my hair, touching my hair… awkwardly 🙂
See ya soon, love JuditA

TeganES says:

Great story. You’re a great writer. I could imagine reading that in a book.

Peter Petrelli says:

Your stories make my day 🙂 how is your methadone titration going?

Ken T says:

You are a very unique person I am glad you make youtube videos:D

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