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Magic mushrooms, effects , risks

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All you have to know about shrooms in a video under 2 minutes . Small video but gives you all the information you need ! ( i have never tried mushrooms , and i wont try so dont ask me anything alse i made this video just for fun ) thanks .


Kevin Myco says:

so you made this video claiming all we need to know about "shrooms" just for "fun". so its fun for you to put out false and disparaging information about something you have never experienced and self admittedly have no clue about? your whats wrong with society. fuck you pal…

DamianZocker says:

they can found in Europa!!!!

Kronicilln3ss says:

The 41sec. Mark to the 50sec mark those 2 annotations are propaganda you do maintain control and a lot more so then on any other hallucinogen you have physical control and can fight it if needed to appear sober this won't be comfortable hence the set n setting. Then it's NOT fact that mental illness can be made worse no they actually can cure depression and many other things. These things need corrections and more research I'm sure there's some risk for certain individuals who are not experienced and in the wrong setting stupid people should avoid mind altering substances all together as they can take a placebo and think they can fly says Hollywood at least but I've never seen such severe reaction to anything ever only placebos that people think they're high off non active ingredients

yuyo57 says:

You should try some before given any advice. Plus the laws are different depending were you live. In canada it's just a fine, not 7 yrs in jail. Just as long as it's personal use only.

yuyo57 says:

Some of your facts are wrong, I'll just tell you one. Magic mushrooms grow in canada too. I can go to the train tracks and find enough for 50 people in about 30min of picking. They grow through out canada.

Amanda Malott says:

You should check your information -.-

J M8can says:

the trips you have all depend on the enviornment no one i repeat no one in the history of the world has died from magic mushrooms

Sebastian prieto says:

gracias! y buen video!

lakouva dog says:

conwerter-crazy people 😉

Sebastian prieto says:

como se llama la cancion que suena¿

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