Are magic mushrooms dangerous? They can be.

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Overdosing, expanding your horizons and waking up in an empty world – like all psychedelics, magic mushrooms despite all of their incredible benefits can be dangerous to some people. After almost 4 years of experience with magic mushrooms here is a list of all negative issues you can expect from them.

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KKAnxo says:

Do you think my anxiety will be bad if I do dmt? Cuz I start thinking when I smoke and my heart just beats so fast and shit

dRaiLSoH says:

Hey, I would like to talk with you. I’ve sent you a message on reddit.

Metasouls says:

Well said friend. Life is subjective, and we can but share who we are with purity of heart and with intent that others may benefit from our honest expression. You have done just that, and I for one have benefited, thank you. Pay no mind to the ego of others who may try to discourage your motion. This is what ego does, seeking to control the words and deeds of others to match their own. You are not them, you are you, so keep sharing the true you.

Jonathon Harris says:

This is bad …. Like dangerous misinformation deliberately posted to scare people. I watched the video in its entirety and it does more harm than good. This is purely anecdotal experiences, and he is talking about people committing suicide about 3/4 way in as if doing shrooms will make you psychotic. The issue I have is even though I m fairly new to psychs myself, I researched for weeks to become comfortable with taking them in the first place. He is not credentialed to diagnose derealization or depersonalization and he actually talks down about how it will change you, and negative changes are rarely permanent nor have I ever found any to be reported that did not end significantly positive to the individual. This video should be taken down or he should replace it. It's extremely disappointing and clearly designed to guide you into having a bad trip… This bitch a few weeks to recover…..

Xavier Salverda says:

No. Just no. Expected some kind of medical/science based insight with this being posted on the erowid subredit but all it is is some guy who can't handle his medicine. For everyone who came for real information, go read the Dutch and German studies on the subject for real science from medical experts and not random conjecture.

Dennis Dean Rutar says:

Almost 434 subscribers!

Rainbowgoldenhoney says:

Purely anectodal though. I haven't gotten sick except for once. 7.5 grams was fantastic. I've gotten stuck but you have to ride with it. You should respect the molecule but you have to be strong through it.

SeenoChasm says:

This video is gorgeous

Adrian C says:

Very informative, I really appreciate it. I don't get the bad comments here, I think this is sound advice.

M0T0RB04T says:

Your journey is just beginning. Truth flows from your mind even now. I'm seeing people mentioning that your perspective is narrow. It may be with mushrooms but you clearly have a key-in with DMT. This facet of advice will be good for some but always seek for the higher peak; from there you will have a better perspective of the land.

The Kingdom is infinite my friend. Infinite.

Johnny Boy says:

Some things you say is true, but most of it is meh. You sound like you don't have that much experience with shrooms or any other psychedlics. All this generalization about psychedelics just sounds bad. You sound like a little kid experiencing something for the first time, explaining it to your parents in a way you don't know much of. Please state that this video is more of a personal opinion rather than a fact. I'm sorry for your bad trip.

Reptileguy 112 says:

It's a drug…psilocybin/psilocin (aco-dmt is a prodrug). 8:15 doesn't make sense

OddFuture says:

After having my fair share of bad experiences I learned just how deep your mind can go into the rabbit hole when it's off kilter.IMO the key to life is moderation and learning to find enjoyment in the mundane

Michael Tod says:

I just use them recreationally just and just remember it's just a drug and that I'm tripping I know where you coming from but me personally I can do as much as I want and I want go off the deep end

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