Jar Fruiting Time Lapse

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A cool foggy 7 day time lapse of our half pint substrate jars fruiting. The jars were dunked for 20 hours and vermiculite was added to both sides.


rhonda's talk says:

I got the simple kit, do i need to soak the jars first before inocoulating

david mark says:

just enjoy the fucking video and quit asking questions. They did this so you could enjoy watching. they didn't spend countless hours learning this just to do it for you. there are quite a few sites you can visit to get all of your answers. geez.

Rikardo Trevino says:

These questions and comments are honestly alarming. I dont get how so many people could be so stupid.
They needa spend their money on going back to school not growing shrooms

Matthew Cox says:

Do you guys ship to cali?

man ray says:

Amazing film

Rhett Having a Vietnam Flashback says:

What was your cake size? How much did you inoculate with and what did you inoculate with? What was the dry gram harvest?

Olympo patch says:

mine shrooms have the upper part ( the " cap")which is very clear gray , not brown, what s the matter?

viperman8788 says:

what temperature range do you keep your mushrooms for best fruiting?

Hashtastic says:

What type of fruiting cahmber was that? looked like a shotgun but I didn't see any holes. Wouldn't your FAE and humidity get all outta whack? Curious because I'm getting back into it after a few years and want to go the shotgun route.

Camaro SS says:

Do the spores have to be in the dark in order for it to spawn

Nathaniel Johnson says:

How did you keep the chamber humidified and what’s the best temperature for fruiting.

Stephen Dupree says:

Question: Do the jars have to be completely colonized visually from top to bottom or can there be a slight spot not colonized on the bottom? I know to turn the jars upside down but is it necessary to see that all white?

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