The most Psilocybin Mushroom In the World: Psilocybe azurescens

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This extremely potent magic mushroom grows in fir and alder wood chips and also growing in sandy soils –naturally– along coastlines of southwest Washington and northwest Oregon preferring sanding, grassy soils shaded by pines. With a particular affinity to Ammophila grasses along coastal sand dunes, this species thrives at the interfaces of habitats, true edge runners, at the cusp of change…. This is the largest lignicolous Psilocybe I have seen, and once planted, it moves around – meaning once a mother patch is created, and if there are debris fields being created by storms or human activities, it opportunistically appears, often to the delightful surprise of the discoverers.
Simply blowing on the fibrils of the stem of this purple-brown spored mushroom causes the fibrils to turn blush with an azure color, hence its name. Psilocybin dephosphorylates into psilocin when then further degrades into an associated blue compound. The more bluish bruising, the more potent this mushroom once was.
People ingesting this species have reported loss of muscular coordination and even temporary paralysis. No neurotoxins have been yet identified. I wonder if the receptors are so swamped that the resultant effects are more due to over-stimulation than being a true toxin. In fact, the compounds within this species may cause neuroregeneration, speaking to the adage that the difference between a medicine and a toxin is often dose.
Although psilocybin mushrooms are legal in several countries, and there are movements for decriminalization in the U.S., those who pick these are at risk. However, I know of psilocybin mushrooms growing in the yards of judges and on the properties of law enforcement facilities, unbeknownst to the stakeholders. One judge when I asked her if it was illegal for these growing naturally on your property, she authoritatively told me “YES”. When I then pointed out a patch of them a few feet away on her property – she quickly refrained “DON’T TELL ANYONE”
For those wishing to see more information on this species, see my book Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World.


Christopher Ellis says:

Puts them in the silly psycho bin.

Revolweł says:

Rulers of galaxies right there hangin out in forest bedding

Simon Sozzi says:

So beautiful

PurritoNom * says:

I've always adored the personality portrayed in the physical appearances of psilocybin mushrooms. They look whacky and fae.

Deformed Baby says:

You need to start a gofundme to get a better camera.

Jozey Lagoy says:

Wow wat a beautiful specimen

Don Holbert says:

Aren't you supposed to cut it from the bulb when you pick shrooms, leave the bulb to grow again?

AJ K says:

I love to listen to your talks

Elton Joel says:

I’d be petrified to munch one of those. Cubensis knock me on my ass, I can’t imagine what those would do…

Samir says:

is the bruised black stuff toxic in the normal sense of magic mushrooms or toxic in the sense that it will actually fuck you up and can kill you?

SW627 says:

Can the Azurescens grow as high up as Vancouver Island ? I know the "Wavy Caps" can. Just wondering.

Nick Gryzoski says:

Nature provides….

flyagaric23 says:

To add a lil' spice, and echo of W.B Yeats Azure: "Middle English (denoting a blue dye): from Old French asur, azur, from medieval Latin azzurum, azolum, from Arabic al ‘the’ + lāzaward (from Persian lāžward ‘lapis lazuli’).

Stay Hungry says:

Mama earth is begging humanity for more humans like you…or no humans, she can get confusing when she's subject to advanced interrogation methods.

malachi fisher says:

Does anyone know if these are recent finds, or if this is old footage?

78deathface says:

munch munch munch…

BrokenGong says:

My simple walks at the park are no longer the same. I find myself looking to see what nature is blessings us with. But so far I have yet to see any growing at the city park, but I see the moss hanging from the trees which I remember you saying is a good sign that it is a healthy place for mycelium. Perhaps I should go deeper into the forest surrounding the bayou. Full love from New Orleans

ClipzTDOT says:

ive had paralysis in my body for around 10min after eating 1.5g of Albino Penis envy from sporeworks. and i had DMT type visions for 3 hours every time i closed my eyes non stop. No other shroom has done that to me

SuperSaiyan Jeets says:

These look very similar to psilocybe subaeruginosa found in Australia. Also a very potent wood loving mushroom

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