Terence McKenna – Communicating with the Mushroom

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Terence McKenna speech – Communicating with the Mushroom!


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—————–Terence McKenna——————-

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Terence McKenna speech
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RedandBlue says:

30:32 partnership society

Evan McShannock says:

What a great lecture and a greater lecturer wish I could of met him

Lauren Easley says:

Do you think the language he is referring to is light language?

bob1881 says:

8:06 "Man must have a plan. If you don't have a plan you'll become part of someone else's plan."
"Nature loves courage. The way nature responds to courage is by removing obstacles."

the Gaurdian says:

So something intresting terrence talks about sound and it being a sort of technology and it reminded me of one of my most intense trips ever i had taken some acid and to this day idk if it was fake acid because my main plug had just gotten arrested so i went through some random guy and i think i ended up having a mild sezuire because one moment i looked in the mirror the next thing i remember i was just staring into it and i was drooling profusely and my head was shaking and the surronding light just looked like someone flicking the light on and off i have no idea how long i was in that state cause i cant remember but after that i laid down and cried cause i thought i wass gonna seize up and die that night so to get my mind off of it i turned on my favorite show and out of nowhere the tv started talking to me and it took my on this moral journey where it showed me how i was fucking up in my life and that i need to change i became convinced that something was controlling my body through sound and whatever it was communicated that it was controlling me through frequencies which i could hear and everytime a sound went off it would move a part of my body and different pitches would control different parts i remember one made it to where i couldnt breath and another one turned off my sense of smell and another turned off my hearing completely also one made me go blind and this was all some sort of lesson that i should appreciate what i have because some people are born blind or deaf ect and this message was very clear whatever it was wanted me to appreciate what i had and at the end it told me to choose my path the path of good or evil and i told it good and it kind of joked with me “youre not just saying that are you” it made jokes throughout the entire lesson sometimes it would be kind of intimidating because it was serious shit but other times it just wanted me to laugh and stop being so scared it was fuckin weird i think i was going to die that night but whatever it was gave me a second chance

Dominik Oravec says:

I have immense appreciation for this mans intellect.

patrick digilio says:

this blew me away because of what I have learned from the plant teachers… I believe that those hallucinations are not just randomness accompanied by random shapes an sounds. the being you see are Real and exist beyond understanding and time and have everything to do with our minds, how we think/perceive things as well as orchestrating reality from outside of time. thats why the debate exists over whether or not we have free will. coincidences for example, are just coincidences but that doesnt explain it away. they orchestrated existence so that it would be so. keep in mind they don't hop in and miraculously alter time and physics. they create reality not in the past, in the now, or in the future, they are where time never existed. the forward flow of existence is all we know so its hard to conceptualize. they exist within the complete, timeless, transcendental object at the end of time. say you invent something that has never existed in the universe. and it works. that means you caught a brief glimpse of the Devine complete truth at the end of time because Terence said himself in a deferent lecture that "you can't think of what doesnt already exist somewhere" meaning the layer of reality where everything possible Is complete and everything is made of conscious being that can manifest anything possible and impossible. fuck I always rant like this I hope I don't sound nutty but the dmt experience is just soo much more real than waking reality to the point where you (I) forget ever existing before that experience and knowing that this place is where I have always been but somehow I slipped into this time strapped realm of being in a body and forgot but is now back in the "real" place.

L O L says:

Would give anything to meet this man in person

Damien Bunting says:

He has a remarkable way with words

Nyet MyPresident says:

During my last trip, there was this silver string i could pluck and (depending where i was on the string… like a timeline) a memory would surface. It was so real. The smells, sounds, textures.

Robert Casey says:

Mr. Rogers in a different neighborhood….

Kultrun says:



Thanks God for this man.

Byron Savage Jr says:

21:20 I would like to correct this, he meant the gnostic group the Manichaeans. I am going to look but I don’t think the mandeans had this in their mythology, but, I’m going to research again. It would be a simple mistake as both groups were gnostic, and did have a similar theme in the mythologies.

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