Midwest Grow Kits Product Review

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Randall Albarran says:

The ultimate kit sucks i tried fruiting in it but the rh stays at 99% and the cakes stall out i had to completely modify the kit. Definitely diy dont buy from these dudes

Erin S. says:

Thank you for this video, and entire backlog of content. I love your attitude and honesty when reviewing products. It’s so easy, enticing and all to common for YT’ers to review shit products and hype them up as magnificent because they get a kickback or more free shit. If I were to email you or contact you in some way could I hopefully get some suggestions or point me in the right direction for sourcing the necessary ingredients. Thank you! Take care.

StopFear says:

Does anyone have any recommendations for a spores seller friendly to California? So frustrated that I cannot obtain spores for my microscope hobby. Bought a $200 microscope to see the visions of the microscopic worlds 🙂

StopFear says:

What are the shiny almost metallic particles in their casing mix? They look like cosmetics glitter.

Vin Squeo says:

Hey man LOVE the videos your helping me so much on my journey . Id love to be able to just talk a little more with you about everything. I can send u my number if u have a few free moments and want to lend some wisdom. Thanks again for the vids man keep up the good work

Nemesiscoins҉ Æ says:

Thanks so much for the video. I was two seconds from ordering. Just want to do things naturally , and not get scammed for it.

hogbelly fishing says:

We're is the best place to get spores

Ricky D says:

So okay you have vids on what not to buy third one thus far I've watched. Do you have any on what to buy?

Ron Witek says:

another thing if I could ask mentality what chances for contamination are their at the point of grain transfer too bulk substrate and what's an all around great substrate to transfer too. I've got one of pauls books theirs a lot to read in it and it's in my phone ID rather ask a homie

Ron Witek says:

newbie here been reading and watching a lot I've got my wbs fully colonized they have been ready for a while I've had to keep them in their jars their is plenty of the piss as I've her it called but are all white and thick how long can I keep them in the jars without risking kissing them?

Chris Muller says:

Glad to have found your vids. Unfortunately I just found out spores from the suppliers your mentioned, do not ship to California.

Tony Stuart says:

Buying kits is pointless from any company. Only thing i would and do get when i don't have time to make my own is the spawn bags and the casing mix. Only one time did i have an issue with their spawn bags and that was most likely due to contamination during inoculation causing the trich. But the kits with the fruiting chamber and heater and all that mess is a waste of money. It's not even necessary to grow mushrooms that way anymore. The science and process has been updated. Inoculate your spawn bag and just keep it at room temperature somewhere safe. They will colonize just fine. Even with light. Then make a mono tub and get or make a good bulk substrate to mix in the tub after spawn is colonized. Then let the tub colonize. Dial your tub in for proper FAE and they will grow perfectly. No need to mist and fan for first flush. Just have a fan circulating air in the room and you'll have LOTS of fresh fruit.

Bryan Purdy says:

@Psilocybe Mentality
– Thank you SO MUCH for this video. I was literally minutes away from ordering stuff from Midwest Grow Kits and you just saved me a bunch of money! Do you have any sites you recommend?

Rxkets says:

I didn’t get this type of customer service they were very fast and they gave me 2 extra jars for the two that came broken

Dallas Orona says:

I like this guy! Goofy but upfront and real.cheers brotha.might have some questions for u soon.statting my first monotub.

Larry Tate says:

For a beginner who wants everything in one ready to go package which kit at which vendor do you prefer?

Joe G says:

Love you man! Seriously you’re my hero

Simon Sozzi says:

They ripped you off man! I'm pissed.

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