Taking Magic Mushrooms with Bipolar Disorder (My Thoughts & Experience)

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In this video, I describe my experience and beliefs related to taking psilocybin magic mushrooms (shrooms) while being diagnosed with bipolar disorder type one.


Bipolar Corner says:

What your describing is self medicating. Most people who have bipolar self medicate for the reason specified in your video. I am also a recovering drug addict and alcoholic for over 12 years. With that being said any abuse of drugs or alcohol can kick in a full blown manic episode and end up in the hospital or suicide. I also have bipolar, ptsd,ocd,and anxiety disorders. I talk about all of this in my videos to help break the stigma around mental health

Harry Mason says:

I've heard you're not meant to mix medication with psychedelics, do you think the mixture of the two could've contributed to your maniac episode? My dad has bipolar and wants to try them but is scared incase it causes a manic episode.

Harry Mason says:

I done a heroic dose yesterday of 25 grams of Utopia Magic Truffles and it was the most profoundly spiritual experience of my life. I met with an extradimensional beings and God, I felt love rush through my body and saw the world with such clarity. Psychedelics are amazing and they're illegal to keep people away from their higher selves. Ego dissolving is an incredible feeling. Good video mate ! Subscribed.

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