pf tek part 1

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This is the PF tek using brf (brown rice flower and verm.. The recipe is 1/2 verm 1/4 brf and 1/4 water per jar.
This video will teach you how to grow your very own edible mushrooms, just like the ones at your local grocery store!
Pf tek part 2:
Disclaimer: this video is intended for educational purolposes only!


Shroom Flush says:

I’m debating on taking this video down due to the unprofessional quality of the video, also partially due to the negative comments..
I was just a kid/teen when I did this
Barley 17 ..
Thoughts ?

Roscoe P says:

Why you rushing

Cory Flood says:

nice video man thanks for the insight just don't get the extra steps wiping the inner top of the jar but your able to touch the verm with your unsterlised hands ? or just a rookie mistake ? just curious is all. Again nice video man thanks for putting it out there honestly wouldn't know where to start if not for these youtube videos.

Jason Juarez says:

I don't have a pressure cooker so thanks for showing me this !!!

Joel Zumeta says:

this is nothing I use to make 200 cakes in less than a week yield a KG and I like grains and monotubs but I don't like putting all my eggs in one basket and for good riddance turn off your stove burner while you're loading up your jars inside the pot and buy some wide mouth half pints off the internet because they're much better a lot more expensive then those taller jars but kerr wide mouths were made for the this tek

caltrops & cunts says:

you can pretty much crap in the jars *manure joke..and as long as its sterilized and latter clean protocol is followed you dont need to worry about water or being super clean.

elchucofried says:

How much water it a 6qt crock pot it can only hold 4 mason jars instead of 5.

Shroom Flush says:

They are 1/2 pint jars or 8oz both the same

Dj ARAGON says:

can i use this vid to make magic mushrooms   please respond

H G says:

Looks good my dude. Do you plan on doing regular videos/updates?

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