(2) Mushrooms at home: WBS tutorial (inoculation & incubation)

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This video is about growing (edible and legal) mushrooms at home:
mushroom’s spores inoculation into WBS (wild bird seeds) and spawn (WBS+spores-mycelium) incubation, in order to grow mycelium indeed. Mycelium is the main mushroom’s organ: fruits (sporophores), which are bought from supermarkets, grow on it. Afterwards spawn has to be integrated with a nutritious (bulk) substrate, which I’ll made new tutorials about it.

This is just the second step, as you can see at 0:03, fortunately this is the second of many other incoming tutorials, so stay tuned and be patient (the fungiculture’s key word is right that), thanks.

To see the previous tutorial about getting sterilized WBS check:

If you are new to this “world” (a newbie) then you are in the right place, I’ll be glad to contribute to grow your passion 😉

Mushroom’s life cycle is studied by fungiculture and mycology, you can learn more from here:

There is a very longeval, experienced and lovely community right there:

I hope you enjoy my tutorial and the soundtrack!


David Perry says:

How much woukd you say a set up like this would cost? And are you able to give me a list of components and items you bought, please?

SpeedOfTheSound says:

Can anyone tell me the song names from this video please ???

Josh Carter says:

Hey you seem like u know what's up, I was wondering ….srry old video I know…..is wbs any comparison to rye berries? I mean is going cheaper really worth it?

Nabila Ezzyn says:

Good job. .WBS? ????

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