Mushroom Growing

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How I started growing mushrooms and how i built my business up. To see grow supplies i use, check it out here Check out my Mushroom cultivation gear i use here.

Come with me on my adventure as I figure out what to do and what not to do when cultivating Magic Mushrooms. #tripteam #tripteamfam.

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Sud says:

What was the point of sterilizing your perlite and then dumping dirty perlite ontop of it from the bag lol

Ronnie Davis says:

Also note: Do this in a well ventilated area, I've done this in my room once before but I made the stupid mistake of having two humidifiers on 24/7, an it destroyed most of everything in my room except for my television, white mysyellim was EVERYWHERE under an on my bed an all over the walls. Other than have good venalation, don't get greedy or be dumb like me by adding more humidity.

Dariusz says:

IMO Barley works better than Rye berries and is much easier to find

yueeque says:

Thanks for your well done video!
When using the cake technique, is ok to put different kind of mushrooms (cakes) in the same terrarium? Hope you'll find the time to answer. Thanks

Jesus Vargas says:

Seta Creciente

shiv kumar says:

nice, i am from sweden…pls help me with more details i have few questions

Genius Project Files says:

Is it okay to use an ordinary uncooked white rice?

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