Entheogens and the Transformation of Consciousness

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In response to a question on macrodosing, Igor Kufayev speaks on the effect hallucinogenic substances have on our body. Pacific Cultural Center, Santa Cruz. October 2018. https://www.igorkufayev.com


ZOUBIR says:

I had the best amazing kundalini awakening with magic mushrooms , exploring internal and external bliss, and I’m still claiming the latter of enlightenment with them I have experience samsara, nirvana….we are all different and are all in a different steps, it s all about right timing , no plants medecin should ever be judge they are as well creation of the divine source.

Bhavitha Datla says:

This is so weird I was thinking of taking ayahuscha and than I see this

ZapHMinder says:

Okay. I am not a recreational drug user and in fact take no drugs at all. However, in March of this year I did take an entheogen and awakened Kundalini (and no one can tell me this is not what happened…I have no doubt at all). I did not do it for that purpose and didn't even really understand what Kundalini was or that this was possible. So this was not something I was seeking. I already had a daily spiritual practice and had already experienced the subtle, nuanced process of awakening.

I talked a friend out of doing this who was going to do it after me and instead he and I and another friend went to a Siddha Guru/Shaktipat Retreat when I found out what had happened to me and how I needed to get on the right track with proper guidance.

I would never do this or any other drug again and would never recommend anyone else to do this in any way, shape or form. It would be irresponsible for me to do so because it's too much energy to shove through the body and there are too many variables in terms of people's mental stability, etc. That said, it has been the most transformative and beautiful process. I can't believe this is even possible. It has been an unbelievable journey so far. Amazing.

I have heard horror stories though and if I had a chance to do it or not do it again, knowing I had another way to experience this, I would definitely not do it.

So, my question to you would be, for someone like me who did have a good experience, has gotten on the right track studying with a guru, reading scriptures, doing sadhana every day, etc. do you feel this one-time of me doing this is going to hinder my overall progression now that it's started? I mean, is not Shiva/Shakti the one who has not only provided the substances but ultimately the one taking them? I, as a person, don't really exist. Who is the actor here and would this be a further concealment activity or an act of liberation?

Eugene Kwon says:

Jai Guru Dev

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