1oz Mushroom Trip Report

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This is my trip report on eating a full oz of cubes in one night.

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P G says:

you remind me of Nick Valensi from The Strokes haha

stephen kagan says:

This trip report of 1oz is sadly not consistent with the reports of those ingesting even half or one quarter of an ounce. In the video he says he added another 5 grams to the initial 3 after coming down a little.

shady hodge says:

Fuck mushrooms, took 2.9g last night and I ended up getting mind fucked by some blue furry mole creature, its front nose tentacle things plugged into my ears and nose and it mind melded with me idk. Fuck those things

Ty Kasteler says:

Same shit happened to my brother and I this week. 2oz between us. What a long strange trip it was…

chilix vibe says:

Were they dried?

SoldierCyfix says:

I did this once. It's an experience that cannot be explained in words

Gary W-l-o-t says:

Dude I can't understand you. You should get a better mic.

Mitch Cole says:

this guy is full of Shit no way he ate an ounce of dry mushrooms. you would still be shitting your guts up.

Mitch Cole says:

I trip twice a month and I never eat less than 14 grams. that's the only way to do it in my opinion. make sure you have an iron gut.

Alex Pellas says:

Where'd your channel go man, what have you been up to?

Rebel Jones says:

I DID THE EXACT SAME FUCKING THING. Had an oz. Started with an eigth and then just kept eating. I stopped around 9 grams tho way to crazy

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