5.6 grams of Magic Mushrooms

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Thomas Eidstø says:

The earth is flat 🙂 when i do 5 gram dried magic mushrooms ( liberty caps) or more i always talk to god 🙂
Magic mushrooms is the red pil in the matrix 🙂
Magic mushrooms is hidden technology when you take high dose you wil se blue print of hidden technology free energy levitation music healing and so on
I am using chakra tuning forks (healing) and you Can heal your body but dont go near wireless wifi when you are on high dose magic mushrooms its a trap of the People ho knows and hidden the technology 🙂

Iona Macleod says:

Which type of mushroom? Thanks for sharing queen x

A Morano says:

I hear what you’re saying I believe it.
But I also believe that there is a way to be “tuned” into another frequency in your inner self while living within another. Kinda like keeping the “good” frequency stored on RAM and the “general” frequency (like the one most of society is in) within the hard drive. As a means to still be able to function within this physical existence but being able to quickly access memories of a different reality through my RAM.

A Morano says:

How long after the dose was this video made?


I've always felt we are on a different frequency without the psychedelics..

mtn7224 says:

Gurl u fine

Obika Beaumant says:

❤ your bravery ..you are beyond words

NARWA says:

YOU are the sort of person I've been looking for. Hello!

HIGHERmind.HIGHERvibe says:

Greetings from Germany,
in what you put the mushrooms to cover the flavor? I don‘t understand what it ist, could you please write it?

Jupiter Saturn says:

Do you have ig or fb?

Radioactive Trees says:

Also, the Bible is non sense.

Novasistic 1 says:

So they changed the frequency of this reality from coming here to learn about self to coming here for material possessions?

Bear Thomas says:

You got it. And you’re right, you’re not the only one who knows. People will realize it more and more. Thank you for sharing these truths.

Astral Awakening says:

Thanks for this. I realized the same thing but off of LSD.

Varun Is Life says:

Love how expressive you are

MelaninKingFiend says:

Hello Queen,looking beautiful as usual.You should try LSD & givd us a report video.

K.D. Walker says:

Please do another video on the viruses. I got really stoned last night and was given some info on the Mandela effect and how everyone is playing a role in this. I didn't want to go down the rabbit hole with the mendela effect. But I guess my higherself thought this information would be beneficial for me. But like you were saying the virus keeps us connected to more shit and I believe I got the $$$ virus. But please consider doing another video on that topic please!!

Eternal 777 says:

Also really love the content !!

Eternal 777 says:

Exactly its honestly supposed to be a soul journey, an energetic stop for our souls to move on through.

Energy is supposed to flow not be congested !

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